What can it be used for?

This scholarship may be use for educational and professional development including:

  • Courses or seminars with UW, POD or PCE programs
  • Conferences - local, regional or national
  • Associated registration, travel or materials costs
  • Other educationally-related items or activities

Who can apply?

Any non-faculty, permanent staff may apply for this award 

  • Classified, professional or librarians
  • Full or part-time

GSO executive committee and scholarship committee members are excluded.

How to apply

  1. Submit a brief explanation of what the scholarship will be used for and how it will enhance your professional development.
  2. Ask your supervisor to submit a very brief statement to confirm you will be able to use the scholarship (i.e., you are approved to attend the course, conference, etc.).
  3. Send these to GSO Scholarship Committee Chair
  4. Deadline is in November but exact dates TBD

After using the scholarship, please share a brief description of how you benefited from the experience you used the funds for. (This may be shared on the GSO website.) Scholarship winners will be notified in January. 

Past scholarship receipient topics

  • National Leadership Symposium
  • Washington Association of Advisors for the Health Professions Conference
  • UW Professional and Continued Education Certificate in Facilities Management
  • North American Association of Commencement Officers Conference
  • Modern Languages Association Annual Meeting
  • Internalized Sexism and White Privilege Workshop
  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators Conference
  • Super ACAC Conference


Email if you have any scholarship questions or comments.