Commencement and Graduate Hooding Ceramonies

Commencement and graduate hooding ceremonies 

Graduates have the option to participate in two events to honor their achievement; the Graduate Hooding Ceremony and the UW Bothell Commencement. Student completing their degree summer quarter participate in the June Hooding and Commencement. 

The Graduate Hooding Ceremony

The Graduate Hooding Ceremony celebrates graduate students’ achievement of their degrees and affirms the importance of master’s education.  At the heart of the ceremony is recognition that the student has graduated to become a master of their chosen field, and a professional and scholarly colleague of their teachers. Traditionally, the attainment of the master’s degree is recognized ceremonially by one or more graduate program’s faculty robing the graduating student with the master’s hood, which bears the colors of their institution and their field.

University Commencement

Honor both graduate and undergraduate students. 

Please email your questions directly to the Office of Commencement: and review details on the Commencement webpage. 

Spring 2022 Dates

  • University Graduate Hooding is Saturday, June 11, 2022 (see FAQ section of Commencement page for details)
  • University Commencement is Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Updated April 2022