Campus Spotlight Winter 2017

SPOTLIGHT: Counseling Center

Graduate school means ….. Balancing classes, readings, research, family, friends, and work; Reading a book or your laptop until your eyes hurt; Caffeine has become your favorite food group; You finally are able to relax on the weekend and all of a sudden you think “thesis” and your relaxed mood disappears.  Sound familiar?

The Counseling Center is here to support you with these and many more issues graduate students face on a daily basis.  The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed masters and doctoral level mental health providers (counselors, social workers, psychologists). Our goal is to provide quality, evidenced based, and culturally informed counseling to assist students in addressing difficulties in everyday living.  We offer counseling (individual, group, crisis), skilled based classes offered on campus and on-line, and psycho-educational workshops for classes and student groups.

Graduate students seek counseling for numerous reasons including adjustment, anxiety, depression, relationships, grief, personal identity exploration, coping with stress related to minoritized status, trauma, substance usage, eating concerns, etc.  Many students have their needs met in the short-term model offered by the Counseling Center.  For those students who decide they would prefer longer-term counseling, their counselor will help with the referral process into the community.  Students also take advantage of process groups.  The process groups are offered each quarter. Students may choose to stay in the group for 1 – 3 quarters.  Process groups allow individuals to gain insight into the way they relate to others. Typically 6 – 8 students and two counselors meet for 90 minutes each week to share and explore their weekly ups and downs.  Through that process your individual patterns emerge (i.e., supporting others and not asking for what you need, feeling like the outsider, taking up too much or too little space, difficulty trusting others, etc.). The two counselors and other group members assist you in exploring alternative ways of interacting that better meet your current needs and desire of being with others.  

The Feel Better Fast and WellTrack are examples of skills based classes that are offered on campus or on-line.  Students who register for the 90 minute, 4 week class learn new skills to increase their effectiveness in responding to stress, anxiety and depression.  Don’t have time to come to the Counseling Center?  Explore WellTrack an evidence based cognitive behavioral intervention that is on-line and ready to assist you with stress, anxiety, or depression 24/7. Learn more from our website.

The Counseling Center offers no cost, confidential counseling Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Please call 425-352-3183 or stop by UW1-080 to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members. We look forward to working with you!