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Master of Science in Elecrtical Engineering - School of STEM 

In 2015 UW Bothell launched the Electrical Engineering Graduate Program. Offering Master of Science in Elecrical Engineering (MSEE) and a Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations (GCEEF) that provides a pathway to the MSEE degree for those lacking an EE undergraduate degree. 

The MSEE program at the University of Washington Bothell provides advanced studies in state-of-the-art technology, preparing students to become innovators, researchers and technical leaders in their professions. Students are able to choose from a coursework or a thesis option; both provide the opportunity to acquire advanced skills and further conceptual understanding of electrical engineering. Graduates of the MSEE program are ready to advance in their careers with the skills to design, analyze and optimize electronic and electrical systems. 

The Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations (GCEEF) is a series of six graduate level courses that focus on a breadth of basic electrical engineering topics. The GCEEF can help students who have a degree other than electrical engineering meet the admission requirements for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at UW Bothell. The GCEEF also serves as significant preparation for working professionals who desire to deepen their knowledge of electrical engineering concepts. 

The Electrical Engineering Graduate Program accommodates full-time students and working professionals with classes in the late afternoon and evening.

Learn more at http://www.uwb.edu/msee