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Welcome to the Graduate Studies Faculty Resource Page. Here, you will find information about UWB specific policies and guidelines, program/certificate proposal processes, and a variety of topics in an effort to help you be more efficient in your work. 

Policies and procedures

Because we fall under the purview of The Graduate School, much relevant information related to graduate programs, program reviews, student policies, and memorandum can be found in Policies and Procedures.

For General information on graduate studies visit the UW Bothell Graduate Education page

Creating new programs and certificates

The Graduate School clearly outlines the process for new program/certificates, which can be found in Creating/ Modifying Programs.

New programs and certificate proposals must undergo a well-defined process for creation and approval process. Timeline for approval form start to finish can take up to 12 -18 months

Process for new graduate degree proposals

Flow chart of creating degree programs from the idea stage to planning the notice of intent PNOI to PNOI comment period to external review to proposal development to chancellors office endorses proposal to AC and GFO review to board of regents to create code to program launch

For detailed information: Approval process for new graduate degree proposals at UWB

Process for new graduate certificate proposals

Flow chart for creating graduate certificates from idea stage to draft of PNOI to PNOI comment period to AC and GFO review to proposal development to chancellor office endorses proposal to board of regents to create code to program launch

Fee - based graduate certificate programs

There are two types of possible fee-based certificates: PCE certificates (composed of non-credit-bearing courses) and Graduate (for credit) Certificates. The former are continuing education focused and require no special approval process other than at the academic unit and UWEO levels; the latter are academic credentials approved via a Graduate School process (see above).

Note: The process for creating a fee-based certificate program (UWEO Fee-Based Degree Policy Notebook).

Mentoring: A guide for faculty

Effective mentoring begins with the faculty. Mentoring is best when graduate students and faculty share responsibility for ensuring the quality of such support. A working relationship between you and your mentees is an essential part of academic success. A growing body of research shows that a good mentoring relationship also is conducive to the mentor's own success.

For more information and resources on mentoring visit Mentoring: A Guide for Faculty available on the UW Graduate School page.

Helpful documents:

New degree and certificate program guidelines

New degree certificate program template

Sample documents

Additional faculty resources and tools


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Director of Graduate Studies, STEM

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