Global Initiatives

Courses with a Global Perspective

UW Bothell's undergraduate learning goals, adopted during summer 2012, include:

  • understanding of diversity in cultures, identities, backgrounds, and experiences among individuals and groups, and
  • critical analysis of information from multiple perspectives including intercultural, global, and ecological.

Innovative, interdisciplinary courses that incorporate a global perspective can be found across the UW Bothell curriculum:

Center for University Studies and Programs

Course Number Course Name
B CUSP 103 Intercultural Literacy for Multilingual Students
B CUSP 133 A First-Year Interest Group - The Global Living Learning Community
B CUSP 171, 172, 173 World History I, II, III
B CUSP 176  Introduction to Global Economy
B CUSP 188  Topics in Asian Cultures
B CUSP 192 Cross-Cultural Philosophies and Religions
B CUSP 295 Study Abroad Pre-departure Seminar
B CUSP 296 Study Abroad 
B ARAB 296 Study Abroad: Arabic
B CHIN 101, 102, 103 Chinese I, II, III
B CHIN 296 Study Abroad: Chinese
B JAPAN 111, 112, 113 First-Year Japanese
B JAPAN 211, 212, 213 Second-Year Japanese
B JAPAN 296 Study Abroad: Japanese
B SPAN 101, 102, 103 Elementary Spanish
B SPAN 201, 202, 203 Intermediate Spanish
B SPAN 296 Study Abroad: Spanish

Interactive Media and Design

Course Number Course Name
B IMD 401 Study Abroad: Interactive Media Design

School of Business

Course Number Course Name
B BUS 426 International Marketing
B BUS 507 Global Business
B BUS 546  Seminar on Global Economic Issues
B BUS 550 Global Commercialization of Sustainable Technologies
B BUS 591 Global Business Study Tour
ELCBUS 461 International Environment of Business
ELCBUS 462 International Marketing
ELCBUS 463 International Finance and Trade
ELCBUS 464 History and Globalization

School of Educational Studies

Course Number Course Name
B EDUC 230 Culture, Knowledge, and Education
B EDUC 291 World Englishes
B EDUC 401 Study Abroad: Education
B EDUC 408 Knowing, Teaching, and Assessing in Multicultural Education and Social Studies
B EDUC 475 Global Perspectives on Diversity and Citizenship Education
B EDUC 491 Written and Oral Communications for Multilingual Students
B EDUC 512 Theoretical Foundations for Multicultural Classrooms
B EDUC 521 Using Multicultural Literature in the Classroom
B EDUC 541 Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual Education, and the Structure of English
B EDUC 542 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Teaching English Language Learners
B EDUC 562 Multicultural Education: Race, Class, and Gender
B EDUC 591 Teaching and Learning in an International Community
B EDUC 591 Globalization of English: Issues with Language Policy and Practice

School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Course Number Course Name
BCULST 587 Topics in Cultural and Arts Practice
BCULST 588 Topics in Culture and Diversity
BCULST 589 A Culture and Resistance in the Americas
BCULST 589 B Development and Globalization
BCULST 596 Study Abroad
BIS 222 Travel and Cultural Difference
BIS 242 Environmental Geography
BIS 243 Introduction to Environmental Issues
BIS 255 Critical Diversity Studies
BIS 256 Introduction to African American Studies
BIS 257 Introduction to Asian American Studies
BIS 258 Introduction to United States Latina/Latino Studies
BIS 260 Introduction to World Religions
BIS 264 Africa on Film
BIS 265 Multicultural America
BIS 282 Globalization
BIS 284 International Relations
BIS 302 Issues in Mathematics Across Cultures
BIS 308 Issues in Philosophy and Culture
BIS 309 History of Dance in Europe and America
BIS 310 Women, Culture, and Development
BIS 317 Language, Society and Cultural Knowledge
BIS 332  Rise of East Asia
BIS 334 Traditional Chinese History
BIS 339 Issues in Global Cultural Studies
BIS 354 Modern European Intellectual History
BIS 362 Contemporary Political Ideas and Ideologies
BIS 368 Women's Lives in Context
BIS 369 Women Across Cultures
BIS 373 Cultural History of Rome
BIS 374 Middle East Politics
BIS 375 Mexican Art and Culture
BIS 376 Circa 1500: Arts of West and East
BIS 384 Health, Medicine and Society
BIS 385 Cross-Cultural Oral Traditions
BIS 400 Modern Japan
BIS 402 Modern China
BIS 404 Twentieth-century Russia
BIS 409 Modern Germany
BIS 414 Topics in Human Rights
BIS 416 Problems in International Political Economy
BIS 420  Colonizing History in Sub-Sahara Africa
BIS 427 Global History
BIS 428 Global History II
BIS 429 Global History III
BIS 432 Democracy in Asia
BIS 441 Global Labor Markets
BIS 459 Conservation and Sustainable Development
BIS 466 Human Rights and Resistance 
BIS 468  Human Rights and Sustainable Development
BIS 474 Topics in European Cultural History
BIS 480 International Study Abroad
BIS 485  Topics in Cultural Studies
BIS 488 Topics in British Literature
BISAMS 367 Exploring American Culture: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
BISGST 303 Histroy and Globalization
BISGST 324 International Political Economy
BISGST 397 A Life and Work in Contemporary China
BISGST 397 B International Relations of the Persian Gulf
BISGST 397 C Global Protest Movements
BISGST 497 Advanced Topics in Global Studies
BISSTS 397 Topics in Science, Technology, and Society
BISSTS 497 A Gender, Race, Science and Medicine
BPOLST 581 Issues in Human Rights Policy

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Course Number Course Name
B HLTH 445  Health in a Developing Nation: Study Abroad
B HLTH 455 Women, Culture, and Healing
B HLTH 462  Global and Local Health Inequalities and Interventions
B HLTH 464  Environments and Health
B NURS 407  Cultural and Social Issues in Healthcare
B NURS 504 Disparity and Social Justice in Healthcare
BHS 302 Global Communities, Culture and Health Equity
BHS 400 Study Abroad: Health Studies
BHS 420 Women's Global Health and Human Rights
BHS 423 Global Health: Critical Perspectives
BHS 430 Health Policies and Politics in a Global Context

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Course Number Course Name
B CLIM 320 Impacts of Climate Change
BST 200 Introduction to Climate Science

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