COIL Courses at the UW

UW COIL Courses

COIL Courses at the University of Washington

The following courses across all three UW campuses - Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma - are implementing Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) modules, linking with a group of learners in a different part of the world.

Course Campus and Department Instructor Term Partner Institution, Country
BCUSP 131: Social Media and Global Change UWB Pre-major program Greg Tuke Winter 2014, Autumn 2014 Central University of Tibetan Studies, India
NURS 201 Growth and Development through the Life Span UWS Nursing Eunjung Kim Winter 2015 Swaziland Christian University, Swaziland
BCORE 115: Creating Social Change Using an International Lens UWB Pre-major program Greg Tuke Winter 2015 Central University of Tibetan Studies, India
BCORE 118: Encounters with the Stranger UWB Pre-major program Greg Tuke Spring 2015 Central University of Tibetan Studies, India
BIS 490: From the Cascades to the Andes: Environmental Issues in Peru and the Pacific Northwest UWB Environmental Studies Ursula Valdez Spring 2015 Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru
BCUSP 186: Comic Books and Graphic Novels UWB Pre-major program Michael Dean Autumn 2015 American University in Beirut, Lebanon
BIS 341: Japanese and US Popular Culture UWB Cultural Studies David Goldstein Autumn 2015 Meiji University, Japan
TPHIL 456 Environmental Ethics and Climate Change around the World UWT Philosophy Amos Nascimento Autumn 2015 University of Frankfurt, University of Essen, Germany; University of Medellín, Colombia; Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil
TCOM 486 Feature Writing for Print Media  UWT Communications Chris Demaske Winter 2016 Moscow State University, Russia
BCUSP 188: Topics of Asia: Chinese Cultures UWB Pre-major program Wei Gao Spring 2016 Tianjin Normal University, China
TSPAN 201: COIL Enhanced Elementary Spanish UWT Spanish Vanessa de Veritch Woodside Summer 2016 Jefferson International School, Mexico; Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
BCULST 593A: Alternate Economies – Cultural Studies and Postcapitalist Futures UWB Cultural Studies S. Charusheela Autumn 2016 Ambedkar University Delhi, India
BIS 379A: Traveling Cultures: Cultural Work and the Politics of Location UWB Cultural Studies Jed Murr Winter 2017 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
BIS 441 Global Labor Markets  UWB Law, Economics and Public Policy Dan Jacoby Winter 2017 Universidad de Celaya, Mexico
BCORE 115F: Skill Development for Today's Business World UWB Pre-major program Greg Tuke Winter 2017 Philippines
BCORE 117F/K: Social Movements through an International Lens UWB Pre-major program Greg Tuke Winter 2017 Lai Chau University, Vietnam
BHLTH 420: Women's Global Health and Human Rights UWB Nursing and Health Studies Jody Early Winter 2017 Al Quds University, West Bank
TESC 236: Sustainable Agriculture UWT Sciences and Math Erica Cline Winter 2017 Farmers cooperative, Costa Rica
BISIA 383: Global Agitation - Arts & Activism UWB Interdisciplinary Arts Anida Ali Spring 2017 Abu Dhabi
BNURS 497: Comparing Professional Nursing Practice Between the Philipinnes and the USA UWB Nursing and Health Studies Butch De Castro Spring 2017 University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
BISIA 283: Interdisciplinary Arts Techniques: Moving Chemistry UWB Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Diana Garcia-Snyder Spring 2017 University of Colima, Mexico
BCORE 118B: Democratization and Civic Engagement: Using Social Media for International Collaboration UWB Pre-major program Tasha Buttler Spring 2017 Universidad de la Habana, Cuba
BCORE 118G: The Great Debates Around the World UWB Pre-major program Greg Tuke Spring 2017 Future University Cairo, Egypt
JSIS A 349: Migration and Multiculturalism in the Mediterranean UWS Hellenic Studies Nektaria Klapaki Spring 2017 University of Thessaly, Greece
PORT 365: Mapping Luso-Brazilian Cultures UWS Portuguese Studies Eduardo da Silva Spring 2017 University Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique