There are many ways to continue your international engagement after completing your undergraduate degree. Check out these opportunities below: 

Fulbright Fellowship

  • The Fulbright Program provides grants for individually designed study/research projects and English Teaching Assistantship placements. 
  • Applicants must be US citizens, have their bachelors degree at the time of the start of grant, sufficient language proficiency in host country and limited travel experience preferred. 
  • UW Internal Deadline: September
  • National Deadline: October 

Bonderman Honors Travel Fellowship

  • $20,000 for UW graduate students and undergraduate seniors to undertake an independent international travel.
  • Students would travel on their own for eight months, to six or more countries in two or more major regions of the world. 
  • Applicants must be in good standing with the university, have a 3.7+ cumulative UW GPA, US Citizens and permanent resident.
  • Deadline: January

Luce Scholars Program

  • Provides fully-funded year-long placements in Asia, including stipends, language training, and tailored work assignment, for young leaders who have had limited experience of Asia.
  • Applicants must be US citizens under 30, in good health, who will have completed a Bachelor's degree by the start of the grant.
  • Campus Deadline: September

Scholarships for Graduate Study in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

  • The ChurchillGates CambridgeMarshallMitchell and Rhodes scholarships all provide funding for students interested in attending graduate school in the UK. 
  • Competitive applicants must: have obtained a baccalaureate degree; be a U.S. Citizen at time of application.  (International students may apply for the Gates Cambridge and the Rhodes Scholarships); have a 3.7 GPA; have a record of leadership and participation in extra-curricular activities (academic, research, internships, service, study abroad); be 29 or younger for the Mitchell and 23 or younger for the Rhodes (as of Oct. 1).
  • Campus Deadline: April

Peace Corps  

  • Started by President Kennedy and supported by US Congress, the Peace Corps sends US citizens on two-year assignments to work with local communities all over the world in the following areas: education, youth outreach, and community development; business development; agriculture and environment; health and HIV/AIDS; and information technology.
  • Applicants must be US citizens and demonstrate alignment with program goals.
  • The program provides training, a monthly stipend and health benefits, loan deferment and a stipend upon completion of service.
  • Deadline: Rolling 

Teach English Abroad 

Teaching abroad is a great way to gain international experience and build your resume. If you have a passion for teaching and traveling than this could be the right fit for you. 




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