Brittney Phanivong - Peer Study Abroad Advisor

Student, Brittney Phanivong posing with telephone booth in London, England in front of Big BenHello! My name is Brittney and I am a senior pursuing a major in Science, Technology, and Society. I studied abroad in London, England during Spring Quarter 2017 on a UW Faculty-Led Program, "English in London". By fully immersing myself in a new environment with new cultures and people, it made me realize that studying abroad is more than earning school credits. It was an experience that helped me discover new things about myself and learn what it is like to live in a foreign country. I want to be able to help students find the best option for their next trip abroad and create their own life-long memories that they will cherish forever. Please make an appointment to learn more about studying abroad!


Philip Palios - Peer Study Abroad Advisor

Photo of PhilipHi everyone! My name is Philip and I am a Culture, Literature and the Arts major. I studied abroad in Greece during spring break 2017 for the UW faculty-led program "Greece in Relation to Europe and the Balkans: Travelers, Migrants, and Tourists" as well as in Italy during summer A-term 2017 for the UW faculty-led program "Interdisciplinary Studio Art and Italian Culture."  When I began studying at UW Bothell as a transfer student, I was not sure if study abroad would fit into my degree program or if I could afford it.  However, after learning more about the variety of program durations and funding opportunities, I was thrilled to participate in two different programs.  As a Peer Study Abroad Advisor, I look forward to helping other students discover ways to make the transformative experience of international study part of their time at UW Bothell.  Come make an appointment with us to explore your options!

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