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Spring Break Programs

India: Gender, Culture, and Human Rights
Led by Alka Kurian and Camille Walsh, IAS | 5 credits

IMG-8079-site-visit-to-Navjoti-India-Foundation.JPGDuring two weeks split between New Delhi and Jaipur, students will have the opportunity to experience two culturally distinct states in India, visit with community organizations, interact with college students and women from urban and rural areas, and read cultural and literary representations of women’s issues. Students will return to the U.S. for the second part of the course, integrating their learning with the UW Bothell curriculum of Global Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and Master of Arts in Cultural Studies. The second portion of the class will involve three class meetings and online work during Spring Quarter.

France: MBA Global Study Tour
Please contact the UWB School of Business for more information.

Summer Programs

Guatemala: Health Service Delivery in Resource-Poor Settings
Led by Mabel Ezeonwu, NHS | 12 credits

This hybrid service-learning course is designed to expose students interested in nursing and health to the policy contexts in which health care is delivered in resource-poor settings, in rural villages in the Rio Dulce region of Guatemala. The course utilizes the community as the pedagogical platform and challenges students to view global health care issues holistically in order to understand how in-country health policies are influenced by local and global determinants or factors.

Term A​

Spain and France: Americans in EuropeTBD

Italy and France: Scientific Explorations of Art and Architecture
Led by Andrew Abian, STEM | 6 credits
This program explores three topics of mathematics and physical sciences: measurement, light, and the physics of architecture. Participants will study the intertwining relationships between these three topics as they make observations, take measurements, and examine the impacts of physics in the real world. Students should expect hands-on and brains-on work as they discover the beauty of physics in art, architecture, and history of France and Italy. 

When in Rome: Interdisciplinary Studio Art and Italian Culture
Led by Barbara Noah, IAS | 12 credits
Rome.jpgStudents from all majors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of Rome creatively and adventurously through the lens of visual art and the culture of the city, as well as each student's own unique backgrounds, disciplines, research, and interests.

Term B

Leon, Spain: Politics of Soccer and Beyond
Led by Ron Krabill, IAS | 12 credits
Students will approach soccer as a political and cultural phenomenon examining the ways in which the sport functions as a site for political contestation on regional, national, and international scales. This program will also explore the politics of soccer elsewhere, including human rights violations, corruption surrounding recent and future world cups, and the exploitation of athletes from across the globe.

Early Fall Programs, aka Exploration Seminars

Ecuador: Socio-Environmental Studies in the Ecuadorian Mainland and the Galapagos Islands
Led by Santiago Lopez and Vilma Illanes, IAS

This seminar exposes students to relevant and current environmental issues in ecologically sensitive areas of Latin America such as the Amazon region, the Andes, and the Galapagos Islands. The focus of this component of the course will be on the relationships between human development and biodiversity conservation.  

Varanasi, India: Philosophical Exploration and Social Action in the Sacred Lands of India
Led by Greg Tuke and Kara Adams, EDUC
This exploration seminar provides students with a unique opportunity to live, study and interact with Tibetan students and faculty at one of the most prestigious Tibetan Universities in India; study Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and its application to individuals and social change; visit important holy sites; and get actively engaged with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) working along the Ganges River. 

Salvador, Brazil: Afro Cultures of Brazil 
Led by Tasha Buttler, IAS, and Eduardo Silva, UWS Portuguese Studies
This program will expose UW students to the richness of Afro-Brazilian cultures by studying and living in Salvador da Bahia, the heartland of Afro-descended peoples of Brazil. Students will also visit the National Park Chapada Diamantina, an important site from the mining era of slavery in the state of Bahia. In addition, students will be able to compare the histories of oppression, systematic racism, and contributions of blacks in Brazil to the experiences of blacks in the United States to gain more complex and developed perspectives on current discussions of race.

Arusha, Tanzania: Critical Perspectives on Ecotourism in Tanzania
Led by Ben Gardner and Kate Osmond, IAS
Image Courtesy of David Berkowitz (https://www.mahlatini.com
Tanzania.jpgThis interdisciplinary program will introduce students to the social, political, and ecological context of ecotourism and  global conservation in Tanzania. Participants will approach ecotourism as a political, economic and cultural activity, examining the ways in which tourism functions as a site for political contestation on local, regional, national and international scales. The course focuses on the history of conservation, land use and environmental governance. 

Andes to Amazon, Peru: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Sustainability in Peru
Led by Ursula Valdez, IAS, and Tim Billo, UWS Program on the Environment
Kendall-Peru-2.jpgWe will explore the fascinating diversity of this region, while studying the conservation challenges confronting it. Through surveys of the biodiversity, and meetings with indigenous people, land-use managers, conservationists, and other stakeholders, we will analyze sustainable alternatives for the conservation of this world biodiversity hotspot.

South Korea: Information, Technology, and Society in Modern Korea
Led by Jeffrey Kim, STEM, and Matthew Saxton, UWS iSchool

Students will explore how culture and technology affects the use and sharing of information in modern networked environments, including topics in urban informatics, data-driven storytelling, info-graphics, and information behavior.

Matsuyama, Japan: Renewable Energy in Japan and US
Led by Mahmoud Ghofrani and Hiroshi Miyamoto, STEM
Japan.jpgThis early fall course explores the challenges and opportunities of deploying new energy technologies that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.  The geographic focus is Japan, and specifically the island of Shikoku, though comparison will also be made to the US and Pacific Northwest.


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