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Spring Break Programs

India: Gender, Culture, and Human Rights

Led by Alka Kurian and Camille Walsh, IAS | 5 credits
Site visit to Navjoti India FoundationDuring two weeks split between New Delhi and Jaipur, students will have the opportunity to experience two culturally distinct states in India, visit with community organizations, interact with college students and women from urban and rural areas, and read cultural and literary representations of women’s issues. Students will return to the U.S. for the second part of the course, integrating their learning with the UW Bothell curriculum of Global Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and Master of Arts in Cultural Studies. The second portion of the class will involve three class meetings and online work during Spring Quarter. Learn more about the program and apply online.

France: MBA Global Study Tour

Please contact the UWB School of Business for more information.

Summer Programs

Guatemala: Health Services Delivery in Resource-Poor Settings

Led by Mabel Ezeonwu, NHS | 12 credits
This hybrid service-learning course is designed to expose students interested in nursing and health to the policy contexts in which health care is delivered in resource-poor settings, in rural villages in the Rio Dulce region of Guatemala. The course utilizes the community as the pedagogical platform and challenges students to view global health care issues holistically in order to understand how in-country health policies are influenced by local and global determinants or factors. Learn more and apply online.

Summer Term A Programs​

Spain and France: Americans in Europe

Led by Alice Pedersen and Jed Murr, IAS | 12 credits
Following in the footsteps of artists, revolutionaries, exiles, and travelers before us, this program will take students from Madrid to León to Paris in an exploration of transnational cultural exchange, migration, and belonging. Our focus on the politics of travel and study abroad, the Spanish Civil War, and Black cultural production in Paris will allow us to situate ourselves as embodied travelers, thinkers, and cultural producers alongside the writers and artists we study. Learn more about the program and apply online.

When in Rome: Interdisciplinary Studio Art and Italian Culture

Led by Barbara Noah, IAS | 12 credits
Colosseum in Rome at nightStudents from all majors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of Rome creatively and adventurously through the lens of visual art and the culture of the city, as well as each student's own unique backgrounds, disciplines, research, and interests. Learn more and apply online.

Italy, France & Switzerland: Explorations of Science, Art & Architecture in Europe

Led by Andrew Abian, STEM | 6 credits
This program will conceptually explore topics related to the development of science, art and architecture in Europe from Ancient times to the Modern Age through visits to historical krosites, museums, and present day laboratories.

Several themes will be explored, including:

  • The connections between Galileo’s observations to the discoveries being made at the modern centers of scientific research of CERN and VIRGO 
  • The development of linear perspective in the works of Renaissance artists and its connection to the mathematical field of projective geometry. Evolution of techniques and styles of building construction from the Romanesque and Gothic, to the Industrial Revolution.
  • The development and evolution of the city of Paris from ancient to modern times. 

Learn more and apply online.

Summer Term B Programs

Dance, Ritual and Embodiment practices in Oaxaca, as a Social Technology for Healing, Culture and Holistic Sustainability

Led by Diana Garcia-Snyder, IAS | 12 credits
Woman twirling light blue skirt in Oaxaca MexicoA vibrant four-week journey of dance, yoga, Spanish and environmental awareness at Mexico's cultural mecca, and one of the world's heritage city according to UNESCO. Encounter many forms of traditional dance in the streets, parks and zócalos as part of the Calenda or parades which are main activities of La Guelaguetza, famous indigenous gathering and folk festical of its kind in Mexico. Learn more and apply online.


Early Fall Programs, aka Exploration Seminars

Salvador, Brazil: Afro Cultures of Brazil 

Led by Tasha Buttler, IAS, and Eduardo Silva, UWS Portuguese Studies
This program will expose UW students to the richness of Afro-Brazilian cultures by studying and living in Salvador da Bahia, the heartland of Afro-descended peoples of Brazil. Students will also visit the National Park Chapada Diamantina, an important site from the mining era of slavery in the state of Bahia. In addition, students will be able to compare the histories of oppression, systematic racism, and contributions of blacks in Brazil to the experiences of blacks in the United States to gain more complex and developed perspectives on current discussions of race. Learn more and apply online.

Andes to Amazon, Peru: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Sustainability in Peru

Led by Ursula Valdez and Jennifer Atkinson, IAS
Viewpoint of Machu Picchu mountainsWe will explore the fascinating diversity of this region, while studying the conservation challenges confronting it. Through surveys of the biodiversity, and meetings with indigenous people, land-use managers, conservationists, and other stakeholders, we will analyze sustainable alternatives for the conservation of this world biodiversity hotspot. Learn more and apply online.

Norway: Sexual Politics, Culture, & Justice in Norway

Led by Kari Lerum, IAS and Emily Fuller, IAS
Scenic view of Oslo NorwayContemporary Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland) are frequently lauded as the happiest, healthiest, and most gender equitable places in the world. This course will hone its attention on one of these nations: Norway. In particular, we will study the ways that sexual politics, feminist thought, and movements for social justice shape contemporary Norwegian institutions, culture, and daily life. Course readings, lectures, exercises, and field trips will be centered around the following questions:
- How does Norwegian state feminism and gender policy impact the lives of people across a range of gender and sexual identities? How does it interact with the cultural and religious practices of new immigrants and cultures?
- How and why is sexuality education in Norway so different from the US, and what implications does this have for sexual health? (e.g. Comprehensive and readily accessible to children of all ages vs. limited and focused on abstinence and disease)
- What is the role of Norwegian media in reflecting and shaping narratives about sexuality, gender, race, and citizenship?
- How do Norwegian human rights legacies (resistance to Nazi Germany; home of the Nobel Peace Prize) inform responses to contemporary White Nationalist tensions across Europe and the U.S.?
Learn more and apply online.

Mexico: Media Art in Mexico City***CANCELLED*** 

Led by Micha Cárdenas, IAS, and Amaranth Borsuk, IAS
In this course, led by media artists and UW Bothell professors micha cárdenas and Amaranth Borsuk, students will study and create media art in Mexico City. Projects may include formats such as electronic literature in Virtual Reality, poetry in Augmented Reality, digital performance on social media, or video performance online, among others. Hosted by the program Arte, Ciencia y Tecnologías (ACT, Arts, Science and Technologies) a collaboration between the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Ministry of Culture, students will take part in seminars, workshops, and museum visits at the intersection of art, science, and technology. They will meet local artists, collaborate with UNAM students, and make work that allows them to build their own new media arts practice and see where it takes them. 

Honors Japan: Construction of Japanese Identity – A Comparative Look at National Narratives in Japan and U.S. 

Led by David S. Goldstein, IAS and Christopher Lowy, UWS Asian Languages and Literature
Students will study in Tokyo, Japan and will have access to Waseda University’s network. Students will learn about Japanese history, culture, and arts as a foundation to the program focus on identity construction and citizenship policy in Japan and the U.S.

There will be visits to monuments and memorials such as the controversial Yasukuni War Memorial and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. The program will also investigate the changing identity of Japan (what remains and what is shifting) through the eyes of Japanese youth. Site visits include Harajuku and Shinjuku districts and there will be an excursion via express train to the nearby shrines and temples of Nikko and Kamakura (and possibly Hakone). Kyoto and Hiroshima are also destinations. Learn more and apply online.


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