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Note: These 2020 study abroad options are in various stages of planning and approval. Check frequently for updates! For a complete list of all UW programs now accepting applications click here.

Spring Break

India: Gender, Culture, and Human Rights

Led by Alka Kurian and Camille Walsh, IAS | 5 credits
Site visit to Navjoti India Foundation Explore the most pressing issues of gender, culture and human rights in India! The 5-credit program begins with Winter Quarter classes on the Bothell campus, followed by 2 weeks of site visits in Delhi and Mumbai in India. The program ends with some online assignments and a couple of meetings at UWB in Spring Quarter. Students will have the opportunity to experience two culturally distinct states in India, visit with community organizations, interact with college students and women from urban and rural areas, and read cultural and literary representations of women’s issues. Learn more from former participants Angela Wirig and Holli Nolan. Apply by Oct. 7!

MBA Global Study Tour to France

Led by Sophie Leroy, Business | 4 credits 
UWB MBA students fulfill a degree program elective, BBUS 591, by participating in an intensive international learning experience over spring break.  Global study tours include site visits, lectures by local experts, and cultural activities.
France is one of the world's largest economies and an important trade partner to the U.S. The tour will delve into this trade relationship, including insights into the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.
Please contact the UWB School of Business for more information or questions.

Summer Term A Programs​

Critical Perspectives on Ecotourism in Tanzania

Led by Ben Gardner, IAS | 12 credits
Tree with widespread branches with four elephants seeking shade underneath. Image Courtesy of David Berkowitz ( interdisciplinary program introduces students to the social, political, and ecological context of ecotourism and  global conservation in Tanzania. Participants will approach ecotourism as a political, economic and cultural activity, examining the ways in which tourism functions as a site for political contestation on local, regional, national and international scales. The course focuses on the history of conservation, land use and environmental governance. 

Explorations of Science, Art & Architecture in Europe

Led by Andrew Abian, STEM | 6 credits
This program will conceptually explore topics related to the development of science, art and architecture in Europe from Ancient times to the Modern Age through visits to historical sites, museums, and present day laboratories. Several themes will be explored, including the connections between Galileo’s observations to the discoveries being made at the modern centers of scientific research of CERN and VIRGO, and the development of linear perspective in the works of Renaissance artists and its connection to the mathematical field of projective geometry. 

When in Rome: Interdisciplinary Studio Art and Italian Culture

Led by Barbara Noah, IAS | 12 credits
Colosseum in Rome at nightStudents from all majors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of Rome creatively and adventurously through the lens of visual art and the culture of the city, as well as each student's own unique backgrounds, disciplines, research, and interests. For an insider's view, check out the 5-part video series from former participant Jessica McGarvie. 

Summer Term B Programs

Americans in Europe: Exile & Belonging in France and Spain

Led by Jed Murr and Alice Pedersen, IAS | 12 credits
Following in the footsteps of artists, revolutionaries, exiles, and travelers before us, this program will take students from Madrid to León to Paris in an exploration of transnational cultural exchange, migration, and belonging. Our focus on the politics of travel and study abroad, the Spanish Civil War, and Black cultural production in Paris will allow us to situate ourselves as embodied travelers, thinkers, and cultural producers alongside the writers and artists we study.

Early Fall Exploration Seminars

Sustainable Energy in Japan

Led by Steve Collins, STEM, and Hiroshi Miyamoto | 5 credits
This upper-division elective for mechanical engineers and others with a background in thermodynamics explores the challenges and opportunities of deploying new energy technologies that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. The geographic focus is Japan, and specifically the island of Shikoku, though comparison will also be made to the US and Pacific Northwest. 

Afro Cultures of Brazil

Led by Tasha Buttler, IAS, and Eduardo Silva, UWS Portuguese Studies |5 credits
This program will expose UW students to the richness of Afro-Brazilian cultures by studying and living in Salvador da Bahia, the heartland of Afro-descended peoples of Brazil. Students will also visit the National Park Chapada Diamantina, an important site from the mining era of slavery in the state of Bahia. In addition, students will be able to compare the histories of oppression, systematic racism, and contributions of blacks in Brazil to the experiences of blacks in the United States to gain more complex and developed perspectives on current discussions of race. 

Andes to Amazon, Peru: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Sustainability in Peru

Led by Ursula Valdez and Martha Groom, IAS |5 credits
Students looking at the Machu Picchu mountains.We will explore the fascinating diversity of this region, while studying the conservation challenges confronting it. Through surveys of the biodiversity, and meetings with indigenous people, land-use managers, conservationists, and other stakeholders, we will analyze sustainable alternatives for the conservation of this world biodiversity hotspot. Learn more from former participants Kendall Wiggins and Pearle Maki. 

Exploring Cultural Traditions on Ireland's West Coast

Led by Charlie Collins and Jill Freidberg, IAS |5 credits
In a global economy, political and economic leaders have placed massive investment in urban centers - Ireland is no different. This has resulted in disinvestment in rural regions forcing young people to move out of their birth places and into urban centers for their economic livelihood. In Ireland's West Coast, the Kerry and Skellig Regions have experienced an out-migration with many of their young residents moving to urban centers like Dublin, Belfast, and London, seeking educational and economic opportunities. Students will gain an understanding of local culture and examine how globalization is transforming the ways residents in rural communities adapt to these changes. 

Information, Technology, and Society in Modern South Korea

Led by Jeffrey Kim, CSS |5 credits
pictures of south korean templesKorea is a leading country in IT adoption. Per capita, it has the most broadband access of any country in the world. Its fast moving Internet-based applications, culture and life will provide students a sense of what will come to the United States in the next five years. Seminar topics will include: Korean language and culture instruction, social change, popular culture, and technology, and social computing. This program is held in collaboration with Sunkyunkwan University (SKKU).

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