School of Nursing & Health Studies

Bylaws of the School of Nursing & Health Studies

In order to exercise the power granted under Faculty Code (see Section 23-43) and to advise the University of Washington Bothell (UWB) School of Nursing and Health Studies (SNHS) Dean (see Section 23-43B) in an orderly and expeditious manner, the faculty of the UWB SNHS establishes herewith, under Faculty Code, Section 23-45A, its organization, rules, and procedures.



Section 1: Purpose

The purpose of the SNHS shall be to advance social justice, health, and nursing practice through innovative pedagogy, research and community engagement, within the interdisciplinary context of the UWB, whose mission is defined in University Handbook, RCW.28 B-20 020.

Section 2: Function

The faculty of the UWB SNHS is the school’s faculty governance body. The faculty participates in recommendations to the administration as assigned in Faculty Code, Section 23-41.


The voting members of the UWB SNHS faculty are the voting members of the University of Washington. Voting faculty are defined in Section 21-32 of the Faculty Code, whose primary appointments are at the UWB SNHS. Should a faculty member have a secondary appointment at the UWB SNHS, then that faculty member must be in compliance with Section 24-34B.9 of the Faculty Code to be a voting member of the faculty at the UWB SNHS. Voting members of the University of Washington faculty are defined as those full-time faculty members holding the rank of (tenure, research track or without tenure): Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Assistant Teaching Professor, Associate Teaching Professor, or Teaching Professor. Notwithstanding the rank held, the following are not voting members of the faculty of University of Washington: (1) persons serving under acting or visiting appointments, (2) persons on leave of absence, (3) persons serving under clinical, or affiliate appointments, (4) persons of emeritus status unless serving on a part-time basis, and/or (5) persons serving under adjunct appointments insofar as their adjunct appointments are concerned.


Section 1: Faculty Council

Subsection A: Responsibilities

To facilitate shared governance, the UWB SNHS shall have an elected Faculty Council (FC) to advise the Dean on matters of policy regarding faculty promotion and tenure, and on matters involving academic policy, including priorities, resource and salary allocation, and budgets. This is in accordance with the University of Washington Faculty Code, Section 23-45C. The FC shall be concerned with all domains of the faculty authority and duties of the SNHS faculty and the professional and personnel issues affecting faculty.

This body is directly accountable to the faculty from which it is elected and will act as an advisory body to the faculty on academic and other matters referred to in Section 23-41 of the Faculty Code.

  1. The FC Chair will bring recommendations to the Dean on issues relevant to Faculty Code, Section 23-45C. In specific situations where it is more efficient or effective, the Dean may request that FC primarily provide advice to other administrative leadership, including the Associate Dean, Program Directors, Director of Academic Services, Administrator of the Budget, or this group as a whole when meeting as the Leadership Team. A majority vote in the FC will affirm or conclude these alternate lines of communication. In this document, the potential for alternative means of advising the Dean will be understood when it is stated that the FC provides advice to the Dean.
  2. The FC will receive topics and issues that the faculty, Dean, or Leadership Team submits to the FC Chair in writing or when it is agreed to be a priority at an All School meeting. The FC will take up these topics for deliberation and/or discussion at a FC meeting, or refer the issue to an All School meeting if two or more FC members deem it necessary. When determined to be appropriate, the FC will provide subsequent recommendations on these topics and issues to the Dean.
  3. Consultation on the process for assigning faculty service and teaching will be provided to the Dean, Associate Dean, and Program Directors. The FC will serve as an active avenue for feedback and reflection on the equity of service and teaching assignments from faculty. This includes examining workload impacts across teaching, service, and research and providing advice based on these assessments.
  4. The FC will be responsible for ensuring that there is effective communication and faculty voice within the General Faculty Organization (GFO) and GFO Executive Committee (EC).
  5. The FC will work to identify and recruit nominees and provide oversight of elections for all positions that are voted on by the SNHS faculty. The FC is responsible for ensuring that the process is transparent and documented appropriately. If a willing candidate for a position cannot be identified before the election, a second election may be held. If a position remains unfilled after the second election then the role may be appointed by the Dean.
  6. In collaboration with the Program Directors, the FC shall provide oversight of the activities of the School of Nursing and Health Studies Curriculum Committees (CC) including: (a) oversight of the election of the Chairs of the CCs by the voting faculty, (b) assignment of CC membership in consultation with the Dean, Associate Dean, and Program Directors.
  7. The FC will have responsibility for developing academic policy relevant to the work of SNHS faculty as a whole. The FC will assign decision-making responsibilities about program curriculum to the Curriculum Committees, except it will retain the responsibility for approving curricular policies that have impact across program curricula or for overall SNHS faculty interests, or directing those decisions to be voted on by the entire voting faculty.
Subsection B: Membership

The FC shall include at least five members, consisting of one Chair, one Vice-Chair, and one member from each of the three standing curriculum committees. Additionally, the FC will include at least one Teaching Faculty, Tenure-Track Faculty, and Tenured Faculty voting member. In carrying out their duties, members of the FC may represent their CC and rank, but the interests of those groupings shall be considered subordinate to the larger interests and welfare of the School. If the FC Chair does not have tenure, they may appoint another FC member to assume leadership in negotiations with the Dean when needed. All tenured FC members must be willing to assume this role in negotiation if requested.

A. Chair and Vice Chair: The Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected by the SNHS voting members. All voting members are qualified for this position, although the Dean, Associate Dean, and Program Directors cannot serve in this role. The Vice Chair will serve one year, and then the following year assume the Chair position.
B. Terms: All general members of the FC shall serve one-year terms of office that begin the first day of autumn quarter after they have been elected. FC members may serve a maximum of three years. The Chair and Vice Chair positions will be staggered so that the Vice Chair will assume the Chair position in the following year. As such, these positions are together a two year term. A FC member, Vice Chair, or Chair may be re-elected after a two-year vacancy.
C. Elections: All voting members of the FC shall be elected by a vote of the SNHS voting faculty. Elections for the FC shall be held during spring quarter.
D. Removal from Office: A member of the FC can be removed from office by a 2/3 affirmative vote by a quorum of the voting SNHS faculty, effective immediately after the vote.
E. Ex-Officio Members: The FC shall have the following non-voting Ex-Officio Members:

  • a. One Part-Time faculty member shall be elected for a 1-year term by all Part-Time faculty members who have taught at least one course that year. This election will be overseen by the FC. This Ex-Officio member will have the option to attend meetings of the FC.
  • b. At least one Staff member shall be elected by the staff for a 1-year term. This election will be overseen by the FC. This Ex-Officio member will have the option to attend meetings of the FC.
  • c. The Dean, Leadership Team members, and/or any other stakeholder determined to be relevant to the FC business can be invited to participate in FC meetings as ex-officio members.
Subsection C: Meetings

The FC shall meet at least three times during each of the Fall, Winter, and Spring academic terms. An annual calendar of meeting dates shall be established at the beginning of the Autumn quarter by the FC and posted to be readily visible to all stakeholders. Meeting dates may be changed following established procedures in accordance with the Washington Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA), ch 42.30 RCW. Additional meetings shall be held when called by the FC Chair, when requested by the Dean, or when requested in writing by twenty percent of the voting membership of the SNHS. The chair presides at meetings of the FC.

A. Agenda: The agenda for FC meetings shall be established by the FC Chair, with input from individual faculty members, CC chairs, committees, task forces, the Dean, and the Leadership Team. Agenda items must be submitted in writing to the FC Chair at least one week prior to each FC meeting.
B. Minutes: At each meeting, minutes from the previous FC meeting will be approved by the FC and will become part of the official record of the SNHS. The approved minutes of every FC meeting will be available to faculty and staff.
C. Voting: For each decision, the FC will conduct an initial vote to determine whether an issue needs to be brought before the entire faculty for a vote, based on it being a topic with significant impact on faculty rights or wellbeing. If two or more FC members vote affirmative, the decision will be put for a vote by all voting faculty. If an all-faculty vote is not seen as necessary, decisions will be passed by a quorum majority of the FC. Within one week after a vote, decisions passed by the FC will be distributed to the faculty via email with necessary supporting documents. If twenty percent of the voting faculty send a letter to the FC requesting an all-faculty vote within one week of distribution of the decision notice, the FC decision will be nullified and the issue will be brought for a vote before the entire voting faculty.

Section 2: SNHS Standing Committees

The SNHS will have the following standing governance committees whose responsibilities shall be to work with the Dean, Leadership Team, and/or FC to formulate policy, plan, and to oversee curriculum or address faculty affairs matters pertinent to the powers and duties of the faculty.

Subsection A. Curriculum Committees

Each degree program (Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Nursing, and Health Studies Bachelor of Arts) within the SNHS will have a curriculum committee whose responsibilities shall be to generate proposals related to change in curriculum of established degrees, evaluate and revise curriculum, review new or revised course offerings, create program admission standards, review documents associated with a new degree program, and conduct other functions necessary to curricular needs. These curriculum committees will also make recommendations on policies or processes with regard to curriculum development and approval.

A. Meetings. All SNHS CC committees will meet on a regular basis and work with the Program Directors to address curricular needs. The CC will report to the FC at least once during the quarter, either directly or as a report within the all-school meeting. The FC, in collaboration with the Dean, Associate Dean, Program Directors, and outgoing CC Chairs, will approve an annual charge letter to each SNHS incoming CC outlining goals and responsibilities. Additional tasks and responsibilities can be added to the charge as needed by the FC in consultation with the Dean, Associate Dean, and Program Directors.
B. Membership and Terms. The FC will identify a willing voting faculty member to serve as CC Chair for the following year, and elections will be held in the Spring for all voting faculty. The remaining membership in the CC will be determined by the leadership as part of service assignments, in consultation with the FC. These roles will be assigned by the Dean, Associate Dean, and Program Directors in the Spring or Summer, after the School-wide election, and committee members will start their service the following autumn quarter. A CC Chair may be re-elected for up to three consecutive terms with each term being one year of service. After leaving the CC chair role, the faculty member must wait for two years of vacancy prior to being re-elected to the position.

Subsection B. Academic Standing Committee

When the SNHS has fewer than four full professors eligible to vote on academic human resources (AHR) issues, an Academic Standing Committee (ASC) shall be formed. The members of the ASC shall serve in the role of the senior faculty as needed for merit, tenure, and promotion. The policy guiding the ASC is maintained separately.
The SNHS will have additional ad-hoc committees and task forces, whose roles and responsibilities are assigned by the Dean or FC as needed.


At least one meeting of the voting faculty shall be held during each month of the academic year; during summer quarter a meeting shall only be held for voting faculty active during the summer if there is business to conduct. An annual calendar of meeting dates shall be established prior to the beginning of the autumn quarter by the FC in collaboration with the Dean. Meeting dates will not be changed unless there is an emergency, and/or information has been provided to the faculty regarding the cause for change. Special meetings shall be held when called by the FC, when requested by the Dean, or when requested in writing by twenty percent of the voting membership of the SNHS faculty. The Dean presides at the school-wide meetings, but they may delegate the presiding role to the Associate Dean, Chair of the FC, or another faculty member if necessary.

Subsection A. Order of Business

The Dean shall determine the order of business in consultation with the FC, CC Chairs, and Leadership Team for the school-wide meetings.

Subsection B. Agenda

The agenda shall be established by the Dean in consultation with the FC Chair, Leadership Team, CC Chairs, as well as any other stakeholders deemed necessary by the Dean. Agenda items may be submitted in writing by any member of the faculty in writing to the Chairperson of the FC at least two weeks prior to each faculty meeting if they wish the FC to assist with getting that item on the agenda.


A quorum for any meeting of the SNHS faculty, FC, or of a standing committee shall consist of at least half of the voting members of that group.


A proposed action of the UWB SNHS faculty under the authority of the Faculty Code, Sections 23-43 and 23-44, is effective if passed by a quorum majority of its voting members present at a meeting except: (1) in personnel actions where a majority of all faculty eligible to vote is required (23-46C), and (2) in proposals to amend these bylaws, where a two-thirds quorum majority is required.

Voting in meetings may occur electronically, orally, by show of hands, or by written ballot at the direction of the individual presiding at the meeting. When requested by one or more voting members of the faculty, the vote upon any matter before the faculty shall be by secret ballot. Absentee voting by eligible faculty is permitted on matters requiring an electronic or written ballot, with a deadline for response of no less than 24 hours after the meeting.
Faculty with appointments requiring them to vote in an official role at a later stage of personnel, curricular, or other review processes shall abstain or recuse themselves at earlier votes in those processes.


A vacancy in either an elected office or appointment committee can occur through such processes as resignation, termination of employment, temporary vacancy (i.e. paid professional leave), or failure to regularly attend meetings of any committee without advance notification.
If a vacancy in an elected position should occur during the term of any office, the FC shall seek candidates and provide for an election to a new term of office for that position. If a vacancy is temporary and of short duration, the FC is empowered to decide whether to fill the vacancy temporarily until the member returns or by permanent appointment. If a vacancy in an appointed position should occur, a new member can be appointed to the position by the Dean, Leadership Team, or FC depending on which group is responsible.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting faculty, provided notice of intent is given at the previous regular meeting or when submitted in writing in an email to all faculty at least two weeks prior to the vote.

Bylaws adopted on Jan. 19, 2021 with 2/3 approval.