First Year & Premajor Program

Bylaws of the First Year & Pre-Major Program


(Approved via electronic ballot on April 20, 2018)


The University of Washington Bothell First Year and Pre-Major Program Academic Oversight Council (hereafter “AOC”) is a body of faculty representing academic units, responsible for collaborating with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Learning in determining, recommending, and approving, as the case may be, all academic, personnel, and structural matters of the First Year and Pre-Major Program (hereafter FYPP) at the University of Washington Bothell (hereafter “UWB”).

ARTICLE I. Members

1. Composition

The AOC will include a representative from each school at UW Bothell. Each School must be represented on the AOC either via appointment or election. The council will consist of the following positions:

  • A. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Learning is an ex-officio member.
  • B. First Year Core Curriculum representatives are appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Learning (Discovery Core, mathematics, composition) (voting status)
  • C. UWB Schools will each elect a member of AOC (voting status)
  • D. The following shall serve as members‐at‐large (non‐voting status):
    • 1. Academic Librarian (First Year Experience Coordinator)
    • 2. Representative from the Writing and Communication Center
    • 3. Representative from the Pre-Major Advising Team
    • 4. Representatives from the GFO Councils on which FYPP has a representative. Said representatives will be nominated by the AOC and voted on.
    • 5. ATP representative

2. Eligibility

Faculty members will be full time faculty in a UWB School Appointment

  1. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Learning will solicit nominations from academic units not already represented in the appointed roles. GFO will facilitate spring quarter elections for terms to begin the following fall quarter.
  2. If an AOC member takes leave or is engaged in any activity requiring prolonged absence (such as study abroad), replacement members may be sought.

3. Term of Office

  • A. Elected members will serve for two years. They may serve subsequent terms if elected by the voting faculty.
  • B. Representatives of first year core curriculum can rotate off after their two year term. Faculty are not expected to serve more than one term but are eligible to.
  • C. Duration of service will be staggered so as to prevent entirely new AOC every two years.

ARTICLE II. Officers

  1. The AOC will elect a Chair from its’ voting membership for the term of one year in May.
  2. A FYPP administrator/staff will serve as Recording Secretary of the AOC. In the Recording Secretary’s absence, the Chair or Program Administrator will appoint another Secretary in their stead.


1. Regular Meetings

  • A. The AOC will meet once a month, excluding summer quarter. Each quarter’s meeting schedule will be established by the first week of the quarter.
  • B. An agenda, supporting documents, and minutes from previous meeting of the AOC must be distributed at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting. Items may be added to the agenda of the meeting of the AOC by the vote of a simple majority of those present at the meeting.
  • C. Minutes will be reviewed and approved by vote.
  • D. No matters or items will be acted upon finally at any meeting of the AOC after the agenda has been published unless time sensitive items emerge, as defined by the Chair.
  • E. For the purpose of voting in the AOC, a quorum will consist of two‐thirds of all voting members. For the purpose of this calculation, the term “voting members” excludes members of the AOC who are on leave, or engaged in any activity requiring prolonged absence.

2. Special Meetings

  • A. A meeting of the AOC may be called by a petition of one‐third of its members. The petition will state the action to be considered. The time, day, date, and location of the meeting will be determined in consultation with the Chair. Copies of the petition, including the names of the petitioners will be provided to all members of the AOC at least ten days in advance of the meeting; no other matter will be considered. Unless specified otherwise in the petition, the meeting will be chaired by the Chair. If the petition proposes a chair, the first order of business will be to confirm the proposed chair by majority vote; if the proposed chair is not confirmed, the meeting will adjourn.
  • B. If a pressing matter or item requires immediate consideration, as defined by the Chair, that matter or item may be communicated to all members and voted upon outside of a regular meeting. Such communication and voting may occur by electronic note. For the purpose of a vote, a quorum will be required, as provided in Article III Section 1 Item E of these bylaws.

ARTICLE IV. Ratification & amendment procedures

  1. Ratification of these bylaws will require a two‐thirds vote of a quorum of all voting members, provided the new bylaws are submitted in writing at least one week in advance. Such ratification can occur via electronic note.
  2. All amendments to these bylaws will require a two‐thirds vote of a quorum of all voting members, provided the amendments are submitted in writing at least one week in advance. Such amendment can occur via electronic note.
  3. The Chair will appoint an ad hoc committee to review these bylaws at least once every five years.

ARTICLE V. Compatibility

These bylaws will be compatible with and subordinate to the bylaws of the UWB Faculty Assembly, the authority and policies of UWB, the authority and policies of the University of Washington, and the laws of the State of Washington and the United States of America. If any portion of these bylaws is adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such judgments will not invalidate the remainder thereof.

Approved by the AOC on April 20, 2018