UW Faculty Councils


UW faculty councils advise the provost and senate executive committee (SEC) on issues pertaining to the welfare of the university.  Faculty council members are appointed by the SEC and confirmed by the faculty senate to engage in service on behalf of the faculty.  Faculty councils have many responsibilities in their service to the faculty at large (see here) but key to their responsibility is the drafting of legislation and resolutions to submit to the SEC. 

Faculty Council Represenatives are responsible to the university, faculty, and academic unit (UW Bothell) they represent. With respect to the latter, Faculty Council Representatives are expected to have regular contact with the faculty of their academic unit (UW Bothell).

Representatives are responsible for finding substitutes if they are unable to attend a scheduled council meeting.

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Current UWB Reps on UW Faculty Councils

Click on council name to view details and meeting schedule:

UW Faculty Council on Academic Standards Council (FCAS)

  • Yusuf Pisan, STEM

UW Faculty Council on Benefits & Retirement (FCBR)

  • Currently no UWB rep on this council 

UW Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs (FCFA)

  • Karam Dana, IAS 
  • Dong Si, STEM

UW Faculty Council on Gender Equity & Justice (FCGEJ)

  • Geetha Thamilarasu, STEM
  • Lauren Lichty, IAS

UW Faculty on Information Technology and Cybersecurity (FCITC)

  • Yang Peng, STEM

UW Faculty Council on Race, Equity, and Justice (FCREJ)

  • Dong Si, STEM
  • Dan Bustillos, SNHS

UW Faculty Council on Research (FCR)

  • Thomas Humphries, STEM

UW Faculty Council on Student Affairs (FCSA) 

  • Currently no UWB rep on this council 

UW Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning (FTCL)

  • Kristin Gustafson, IAS
  • ​Mathew Gliboff

UW Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy (FCTCP)

  • Sharon Jones, VCAA - [Ex Officio]
  • Nora Kenworthy, Vice Chair GFO
  • Shari Dworkin, IAS
  • Carrie Tzou, Educational Studies 

UW Faculty Council on University Libraries (FCUL)

  • Margaret Redsteer, IAS 

UW Faculty Council on Campus Planning & Stewardship (FCCPS) 

  • Meghan Eagen-Torkko, SNHS 


UWB Reps on other UW Councils & Committees 

UW Senate Committee on Planning & Budgeting (SCPB)

  • Casey Mann, STEM
  • Shauna Carlisle, IAS

UW Graduate School Council

  • Kari Lerum, IAS 
  • Min Chen, STEM

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