Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)


The First Year Entry Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a dual enrollment program offered in partnership with the Everett Community College (EvCC) Nursing Program; a distinguished accredited program that prepares students to become licensed as Registered Nurses.

The program curriculum includes the nursing prerequisites, the nursing coursework and clinicals and the senior year of academic nursing studies. The program is designed for applicants who intend to complete these courses as a UW Bothell student; the program is not designed for students who have selected to complete the nursing prerequisites as college courses while in high school.

University general education courses and the nursing prerequisites for the EvCC Nursing program are integrated into the program's curriculum and completed at UW Bothell the first five quarters. Students then transition to the EvCC Nursing Program their sixth quarter for two year to complete an Associate Degree in Nursing and RN licensure in preparation to return to UW Bothell senior year for the last year of academic nursing studies to complete the BSN. Students in the program are admitted to both UW Bothell BSN program and the EvCC Nursing program.

Off-site course study is required because the UW Bothell campus does not have the RN nursing coursework or training facilities, only the first and second year of nursing prerequisites and the senior year of academic nursing coursework.

Students emerge from the First Year Entry RN to BSN degree program as a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, a recognized stepping stone to a promising career in nursing.

Note: Student must qualify as a first-year (freshman) applicant. Those who do not should apply tor our transfer program for nursing: RN-to-BSN degree program.