Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)

Degree Overview

Understanding the Degree

The First Year Entry RN to BSN program curriculum includes the nursing prerequisites and program requirements for both the EvCC nursing program and the UW Bothell RN to BSN program.

In the first year, students complete the nursing prerequisites and general education requirements at UW Bothell.  During the second year, students transition to EvCC's nursing program for six academic quarters (year 2 & 3). Following Year 3, students are eligible to take the NCLEX exam for licensure as a registered nurse (RN) in Washington State. In Year 4, senior year students return to complete their last year of nursing studies in the UW Bothell RN to BSN program.

The curriculum is taken as a full-time schedule from the first quarter forward, and has a set of academic and professional requirements/testing that must be met in order to progress. Applicants need to enter the program with quantitative and science knowledge and competency, sound study habits, and strong organizational skills.

Applicants who have completed college coursework in high school need to carefully review the information on earning college credit.

Please Note:

Students who do not satisfy one of the degree requirements forfeit their pre-admissions status to the EvCC Nursing Program and to the UW Bothell RN to BSN program. If  If this happens and the student remains in good academic standing with the University, they will be moved to pre-major status. This means they can continue as a university pre-major student, but would need to go through the application process for a nursing program/school off campus and would then need to re-apply to the RN to BSN program.