First Year Entry RN to BSN

The NLN-PAX Pre- Entrance Nursing Exam

National League for Pre-Entrance Nursing Exam

You will need to complete a pre-nursing entrance exam as part of the nursing program. The exam is the National League for Nursing Pre-Entrance Exam. It is taken at EvCC in Liberty Hall during spring quarter and or following completion of summer quarter, prior to entering the EvCC program. The purpose of the exam is to ensure you have adequately grasped the math, science, and verbal concepts to be successful in the nursing program.

Questions? Contact the EvCC Health Professions Service Center - they are there to help!

EvCC, Liberty Hall, 2nd floor lobby - 425-388-9461-

Scoring and Testing Requirements
  • You must achieve a 58th percentile* in PAX-NLN pre-entrance to nursing exam. * Specific score changes annually based on national norms.
  • Results are available immediately.
  • You are allowed one opportunity for the quarter you are pre-admitted to the EvCC Nursing Program which is Winter quarter.
  • You can the exam in May/June and again in July/August. If you pass it the first time, your scores are valid for winter; if you don't pass it, you'd have another opportunity to take it when the exams are for the winter admissions.
Preparing to Take the Exam: Study Resources
  • The Kahn Academy for math review: the Fundamentals
  • The NLN-PAX Study Guide is available online for purchase and the UWB Library has a copy to check-out and another for in-library use
  • NLN-PAX study tips for students
  • There are a series of three vocabulary books: Building Vocabulary Skills, Improving Vocabulary Skills and Advancing Vocabulary Skills, by author Sherri Nist. 
  • To determine which book you should start your review with, go to  townsendpress,com/our-books/ and scroll down to the vocabulary series. Click on the title of each of the three books and review the word list for each book. If you do not know the majority of the words on the word list begin with that book for your test preparation.

We highly recommend that you review and prep for the math portion of the exam using the online Kahn Academy. The Kahn Academy offers interactive review modules online that will review areas such as long division, factoring, fractions, exponents, and geometry; the fundamentals of Math. The UWB QSR Center welcomes you to come in to the Center for in-person math help with the material as you work you way through the online modules; either in groups or as individuals.

Exam Costs, Dates and Registration
  • Exam is $39.00
  • Exams are  available during May/June and the end of July/August.
  • EvCC will communicate when registration opens. When that happens, register immediately to reserve your seat...seating is limited.
  • View the EvCC Nursing Program website for more NLN-PAX dates and the Registration Guide.
Questions? Contact the EvCC Health Professions Service Center - they are there to help!

EvCC, Liberty Hall, 2nd floor lobby - 425-388-9461-

Student Resources

Kahn Academy for math review

NLN-PAX Study Tips

NLN-PAX Study Guide

EvCC Nursing Website with Dates and Registration Guide

Transition Checklist to transfer to EvCC Nursing from UWB