First Year Entry RN to BSN

Transition to Everett Community College Nursing

Be prepared to start your nurse coursework at Everett Community College.

The Nursing Transition Checklist is a detailed quarter-by-quarter list of action items required to be met by September 5th,  in order to start your nursing courses and clinicals at EvCC. The quarter-by-quarter outlines are only suggested quarters; it is never too early to start preparing.

You will enroll in an online summer transition course with EvCC Nursing that provides you details on how and where to submit documentation of the Health and Safety (immunization) Requirements and takes an average of 2-3 hours to complete. Please note that some of the immunizations requirements need to be started up to nine months before the start of clinicals. 

If you have questions regarding immunization requirements contact:

EvCC Nursing Health Professions Service Center
Location: Liberty Hall, 2nd Floor
Phone: 425-388-9461

Use the following resources to help you get started

Be prepared to complete and meet the following as instructed on the checklist:

  • A panel of immunization and testing for communicable diseases
  • National and State background checks
  • HIV training and certification (7 hours)
  • CPR Basic Life Support American Heart Association training and certification
  • NLN-PAX pre-entry nursing exam
  • ATI Critical Thinking Assessment
  • Create a Complio Account to submit all required material
  • An EvCC general college and EvCC Nursing Program application (as a matter of paperwork and for an student account/number)
  • Attend all required orientations/information sessions for nursing at EvCC
  • Submit all required educational transcripts (Running Start credits and UW Bothell coursework)
  • Purchase comprehensive health coverage; not just emergency coverage (professional liability insurance)
  • Purchase all required nursing material and equipment
  • Two trips to EvCC to get entry codes; one for the online transition course and the other for your first quarter of registration in the nursing program