Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)

Nursing Resources

Starting college can be intimidating - you are not alone!

There are many new student resources to help with the adjustment of college and succeeding in science based program like nursing.  You are going to be busy and at times you may feel exhausted. If and when that happens, and ideally before, reach out to your advisor, your support network, and utilize the university resources designed by people who have experienced the adjustment to school themselves. Additionally, there are many nursing associations for you to become involved in. 

Take advantage of ALL the student resources the university has to offer!

Some tips for your first year and beyond from the nursing advisors:

  • Make friends with other students who also take their studies seriously. This can seriously increase your own success!
  • College gives “time management” a whole new meaning! Plan, plan, plan….school is not only doing the homework and participating in class, but also making sure you have the time to do it!
  • If you don’t have to, don’t work. If you must work, try to keep it less than 20 hours per week.
  • Build your support network! Building community of friends and family to support you while in school helps with your success!
  • Share your school schedule and syllabi with your support network, family and friends. This will help them understand why they may not see you as much! Fill out your Student Planner and walk them through when you’ll be busiest!
  • Read ahead! Reading ahead allows some breathing room in your life!
  • Be ready to engage! College will require you to expand your thinking and be open to new ideas.
  • Be open to different viewpoints and ready to explore new concepts!
  • Understand that it may get pretty exhausting your first year and you may feel like giving up or that you don’t belong. It’s important to know you are not alone in this feeling, and that it is common to experiences these feelings you first year in college-especially if you are away from home! When this happens, communicate with your support system; your family, your advisor, your college friends, counseling, etc. Just communicate!
  • Get involved with Student Life. It can help to be involved with non-curricular school activities, just remember to balance it all!
  • Meet with your advisor who can help problem solve if needed and make sure you are on track!

EvCC Student Nurses Organization of Everett Community College Nursing (SNO). Once you commence your nursing studies at EvCC, you will automatically be a member of the Student Nurses Organization. SNO provides networking, coordination and organization for the nursing students of Everett Community College and coordinates a medical mission trip each year!

Local and National Nursing Associations: 

There are many ways to get involved to better understand the world of nursing. Below are some website and association to help you get started.

The Washington Center for Nursing has a many, many resources including mentorship programs, scholarships, and helpful nursing videos:

National Association of Hispanic Nurses; Washington State Chapter:


Washington State Nursing Association