Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)

Math Prerequisite

Math Requirement for Admissions

Science courses and mathematics are central to success in nursing school. Applicants need to demonstrate competency in mathematics in order to be reviewed for admission into the FYE Nursing Program.  As an applicant, you must do this at the time of application.

As a future nurse, students need to know complex conversions, quickly make accurate calculations, and work through complex problem-solving challenges. Students with a strong math background are better prepared to succeed in the nursing prerequisites (chemistry, biology, anatomy & physiology, and health statistics) as well as in nursing practice.

The math requirement is met by completing any one of the following three options:

1.  Math Exam

Assessment Type

Minimum Required Score


Submit Results

New SAT Math*


Scores must be earned within 3 years from the time of application.

Request your SAT (school code: 4467) or ACT (school code: 4497) be sent directly from the testing agency.

Old SAT Math*






Scores must be earned within 6 months from the time of application.





Upload your scores to your university application portal.


Elementary Algebra (EA) score combined with a College Level Math (CLM).

EA 105 with a CLM of 40

*New SAT Math-taken March 2016 or thereafter.
*Old SAT Math-take prior to March 2016.

2. College Level Math Course

Applicants who have completed a college level math course with a grade of 2.0 or higher from a regionally accredited college/university, have met the math requirement.  Courses that are in progress do not fulfil the requirement. 

Examples of these courses include:

  • College Intermediate Algebra or,
  • College Algebra or,
  • College mathematics courses with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite (except statistics courses). This includes any higher-level math courses such as elementary functions, calculus, and beyond.

Submission Instructions:

An official transcript from the institution must be sent to the Admissions Office. Transcripts must be submitted in the original sealed envelope in order to be considered official. If you attended a Washington State Community or Technical College, please have your transcript(s) sent directly from the college electronically. More information can be found on the Transcripts page.

3.  Advanced Placement

Applicants who have taken one of the following Advanced Placement exams, with the required scores have met the math requirement. 


Required Score

Calculus AB


Calculus BC


Submission Instructions:

Contact the College Board and request that scores be sent to the UW Office of Admissions. To ensure that your AP scores match up with your UW academic record, be sure to identify your name, date of birth, and Social Security Number with the College Board in the exact same way you identify, or expect to identify, yourself on your UW application.