Applying to the Program

Applicants work with the University's Office of Admissions to submit, complete and monitor their application which includes submission of the required materials. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Admissions Committee only reviews an application that is complete. A complete application is one that has completed and submitted all the required materials through the Office of Admissions. Applicants should submit the application and its required material by the application deadline of January 15.

How to Apply:

  1. Submit the First Year (freshman) application. Select the First Year Entry RN to BSN program for Autumn quarter. The application includes submission of the University Personal and Nursing Goal Statements and Journal of Activities and Accomplishments.
  2. Submit all official educational transcripts to the Office of Admissions.
  3. Submit two recommendations for entry to the program. Applicants can submit the names/emails of recommenders on the application and Admissions will reach out to the recommenders. Applicants should monitor the completion and submission of their recommendations using their application account.
  4. Submit proof of meeting the math prerequisite. This can be done immediately following the submission of your application or at the time of submission. See instructions below:
  • If submitting a Compass test score report; email scanned copy to
  • If submitting college math grades on college transcript; submit to Office of Admissions with application (as with all educational transcripts)

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The Waitlist

Because an accepted applicant's plans may change or they may not accept the admissions offer, the program maintains a very short waitlist; however, the waitlist typically experiences very little movement. There is no way to know how many will accept, decline or have a change of plans. If an a student is offered a admissions on the waitlist, the Nursing Admissions Committee will contact the student if a seat opens up.

Earning College Credit in High School

First Year applicants who have selected to complete college coursework while in high school need to carefully review the information on earning college credit.