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First of all welcome to University of Washington Bothell.  We are glad that you have chosen us and are looking forward to having you here as a student.

As you may already be aware financial aid comes from many different sources including but not limited to University of Washington Bothell, federal, state, private scholarships, work-study and student loans.  In order to be considered for most of these you need to complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid also known as FAFSA

If this is your first time applying for financial aid please refer to Applying for Aid link for step by step instructions. We would also advise visiting our First-year student financial aid page for detailed list of resources available at our institution. 

Chances are you have applied for financial aid before and know all the basics already.  Here are few things that we want you to keep in mind while reapplying and receiving financial aid here at University of Washington Bothell.

Things to remember:

  • You can apply for financial aid (complete your FAFSA application) before you apply for admission to the university
    • However, you must be admitted to a degree-seeking program of study in order to be offered financial aid.
  • Student financial aid does not directly transfer between schools.
    •   In other words, UW will recalculate your eligibility from scratch based on the information on your FAFSA and funds available.  Transfer students, especially mid-year transfers, often qualify for less financial aid than first-time and continuing students.
  • Transfer, continuing and returning undergraduate students must meet financial aid January 15th priority deadline and eligibility requirements to be considered for need-based financial aid.
    • Students who miss this deadline will be considered as late applicants, which may result in reduced financial aid.
  • All students must reapply for financial aid each year.
  • Offered awards are contingent upon full-time enrollment (i.e., 12 credits for undergraduates).
    • If you decide to take less than 12 credits anytime during the academic year you need to notify financial aid office in writing.
  • There is an annual limit for student loans, based on your grade level that you can borrow in an academic year.
    • Many students that transfer midyear into UWB have already received loan funds at their previous school.  UWB will award you only remaining of your annual loan eligibility to avoid over awards.
  • If you are seeking summer aid, an additional special application is required.
    • Please note that summer quarter is considered to be the first quarter of the academic year at University of Washington. The types and amounts of aid available are limited. For more information please visit Summer Aid page.
  • Our primary method of communication is through the university email address.
    • Therefore, we advise that you forward it to your personal e-mail to make sure that you receive all of our notifications.
  • Create your MyUW account.
    • Award letters are now electronic (there are very few reasons why we would mail a paper award letter), and they show up in the MyUW accounts.

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