The Fiscal and Audit Services staff are here to help guide and facilitate the process of travel purchases and reimbursements for faculty, staff, students and visitors.  FAS complies with the UW Travel Office Policies.

Review our Travel Tip Guides for helpful information on what you need to know before, during and after travel:

See FAS Travel Sharepoint for more travel information

Pre-Travel Approval Form

Out-of-state travel is defined as travel outside of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. All out-of-state travel, including registration, MUST be pre-approved by the appropriate parties using the Pre-Travel Approval Form

The Pre-Travel Approval Form must be completed prior to making any travel arrangements. The form is completed by the traveler or administrative support person in the department, and forwarded to the appropriate supervisor and budget authority for approval. However, grant funded travel does not need advance written approval if the travel was specifically budgeted for in the grant proposal, and the travel was approved by the sponsor.

Include the Pre-Travel Approval Form when submitting a reimbursement request.


UW Bothell has a Central Travel Account (CTA) Procard  managed by Fiscal and Audit Services and is used to make airfare purchases for UW Bothell travelers who travel on UW business. Staff may request airfare be purchased through the CTA process, if no personal time is included. Travelers also have the option to purchase their own airfare and claim reimbursement.

When booking on the CTA account, requests must be submitted at least one business day in advance.

Please see more information on CTA Account.


For CTA Inquires Contact:

Sharyn Singh - Phone: 425-352-3640
Jessica Falk - Phone:  425-352-3821     

Information for combining personal time with a UW business trip

If personal travel is added to the business trip, airfare cannot be paid by the CTA account, even if personal time is combined at the same location of buisness trip.

When personal time is combined as the same location as UW business travel, we recommend providing a comparison airfare. This is a best practice as rates can change depending on a day/time of travel.

Comparison airfare is required if the personal time location is different than UW business location.

Review guidlines when combining personal time/travel with UW business trip.


Please see University of Washington, Lodging for information and requirements on lodging reimbursements.

CTA Account - Lodging:

Lodging can be charged to the CTA and is limited for the following situations:

  • UW Students.
  • Non-UW travelers
  • Five or more UW travelers attending a conference/group event in the U.S. or British Columbia, Canada where the UW is reserving and paying for the block of rooms and prior written approval has been obtained.

CTA limitations:

  • Requests must be submitted at least one business day in advance
  • Restricted to daily per diem
  • Only room and tax should be charged (no room service, accessory charges, etc).

Please see more information on CTA lodging.

AirBnB Lodging

  • AirBnB is considered commercial lodging facilites. AirBnB is only reimbursed to the traveler who paid the AirBnB directly, even when the AirBnB facility is shared among multiple travelers.

Registration Fees

Your department administrative support person can pay the registration fee on the departmental Procurement VISA card (ProCard) or you may pay yourself and claim reimbursement.

Maintain the conference brouchure. catalogue to submit with the reimbursement request.

Claiming Reimbursement

Check with your department or school for reimbursement procedures.  All travel related expenses are reimbursed in Ariba under Travel (ER).

When attending a conference, submit the hardcopy of conference brochure/ catalogue with the reimbursement request. A Link to the brochure is not acceptable.

Please see more information at Travel Reimbursement.

Local mileage and parking

Mileage and miscellaneous fees such as parking and ferry tolls are no longer reimbursed through UW Bothell Petty Cash. Check with your department or school for reimbursement procedures.

Please go to University of Washington- Travel for instructions on reimbursements.

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