Check Requests - Under $3,500

When to Use a Check Request

  • When reimbursing an individual for UW business related expenditures under $3,500 (including shipping and taxes).
  • When paying an honorarium (defined as a presentation-oriented, invitational event such as a lecture, talk, colloquium, or address).
  • Check Requests are the mandatory method for reimbursements involving a grant budget per UW Bothell policy.

More Information

Check Request Documentation Instructions

Supporting documentation may be in the form of an original paid invoice, sales slip, or cash register receipt and should include the date of puchase, vendor name, item description, and dollar amount of item(s) purchased.

Such items as altered receipts, photocopies or fax copies of receipts, packing slips, adding machine tapes, letters, statements, or invoices requesting payment (i.e., not marked "paid" by the vendor) are not acceptable as proof of payment.

If there is no acceptable proof of payment as listed above, a Perjury Statement is required for reimbursement. Such statements are subject to Internal Audit scrutiny.

When to Expect Reimbursement

The Purchasing Coordinator will review and forward the documentation to UW Seattle Accounts Payable for processing. Accounts Payable will process the reimbursement within 10 days from the date they receive the Form. Accounts Payable will mail the check to the address indicated on the Check Request.

Petty Cash - Under $700

When to Use Petty Cash

Petty Cash is used to reimburse UW business related expenditures under $700 (including shipping and taxes) when there is no other means of payment available. Items purchased must be for the benefit of the University.

(Check Requests are the mandatory method for reimbursements involving a grant budget per UW Bothell policy).

UWB "Petty Cash Vouchers" up to $50 may be submitted for CASH reimbursement at the Cashier's Office located at Husky Hall.

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am-12:15pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-12:15pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm

All other amounts between $50 and $700 may be submitted to the Petty Cash Custodian, Budget and Fiscal Services, UWB Box #358525.

In rare instances when a large purchase must be made from a vendor who does not accept a UW ProCurement Card and the employee is unable to provide the funds, a Revolving Fund Advance may be requested. Please limit the use of this option.

Petty Cash Voucher Instructions

  •  Petty Cash Vouchers submitted for reimbursement must be properly completed with original receipts and signed by an authorized person from the department.
  • All petty cash reimbursement restrictions and policies apply to both cash and check reimbursements.
  • The person requesting reimbursement (whether for cash reimbursement or picking up a check after having been notified) must show valid ID and sign the Petty Cash Voucher in front of the the Cashier.
  • Reimbursement will only be paid out to the person named on the Petty Cash Voucher.

Complete and print the Petty Cash Voucher Form.

Filling out the Petty Cash Voucher:

  • Checkmark the appropriate box for either cash or check and enter the date prepared.
  • Enter the name of the person to be reimbursed, the departmental program and the person's e-mail address.
  • Fill in either a mailing address or a UW Box number.
  • Enter the budget name and number to be charged. If splitting between budgets indicate % or $ amount of reimbursement to be charged to each budget.
  • If food or food items are purchased, enter the budget's food approval code or indicate if a pre-approved food approval form is attached. (University Form 1798).
  • List where items were purchased and the purpose for the purchase.
  • Under "Descriptions of Items Purchased"  enter the type of purchases made (i.e. food, conference fee, etc.). Summarize the amount spent for those items including the tax when applicable in the "Amount" column. NOTE: Do not separate the tax out on a separate line. Each receipt will have at least one line. All like items on one receipt can be grouped together on one line. Each receipt may be broken out into several lines if different types of items were purchased on that receipt such as food vs. non-food, postage vs. office supplies, etc. The tax must be divided accordingly.
  • Have the voucher signed by an authorized person from the department.

Reimbursements cannot exceed the total of the receipt; however, reimbursement can be for less than the total amount stated on the receipt.

Documentation Instructions

Original receipts must be submitted - no photocopies.

A valid original receipt is an itemized cash register receipt with a preprinted store name (not rubber stamped), date of purchase and a list of the items purchased with prices.

All receipts should be taped to a single side of 8.5" x 11" white paper and no staples please (all documents will be copied and scanned) in the order that they are listed on the Petty Cash Voucher, being careful not to tape over or use a highlighter on any of the $ figures. Some receipt inks and especially thermal receipt paper react with tape and as well as highlighter ink and cause the figures to disappear. This causes an invalid receipt that will require a "Petty Cash Perjury Statement" to accompany it.

If a valid receipt cannot be obtained or is lost, a Petty Cash Perjury Statement attesting to the validity of the payment and items purchased must be attached to the Petty Cash Voucher. The purchaser and an authorized departmental person must sign the "Petty Cash Perjury Statement."

Such items as altered receipts, photocopies, or fax copies of receipts, packing slips, adding machine tapes, letters, statements, or invoices requesting payment (i.e., not marked "paid" by the vendor) are not acceptable as proof of payment.

With food purchases (i.e. restaurant), if the receipt is not itemized, it must have a statement indicating that no alcohol was purchased. Please list all meal attendees. Meals must follow per diem rates except for when a 64-xxxx discretionary budget is used.

Daily Maximum Breakfast Lunch Dinner
$46 $11 $14 $21
$51 $13 $15 $23
$56 $14 $17 $25
$61 $15 $18 $28
$66 $16 $20 $30
$71 $18 $21 $32

The $61 row across applies to Snohomish County and the $71 row across applies to King County.

Once the Petty Cash Voucher is complete will all receipts properly attached and is signed by an authorized signer, present the voucher at the Cashier's Office Window for cash reimbursement or mail it to Budget & Fiscal Services, UWB Box #358525.

Credit Card Purchases

Although a UW ProCurement Card is recommended for credit card purchases, there will be times when individuals need to be reimbursed for purchases made with a personal credit card. Itemized original receipts are required for items purchased with a credit card. Credit card statements or slips are not an acceptable substitute for a receipt. However, a credit card statement paired with an invoice is acceptable. A perjury statement can be used if a receipt is not available.

Internet or Mail Purchases

Items purchased via the internet may include such things as conferences, subscriptions, etc. Include two pieces of documentation. One should show what was purchased. This can be a copy of the invoice, screen print, or confirmation e-mail. The other should show proof of purchase. This can include a copy of the canceled check or a copy of a credit card statement. A screen print or e-mail that shows that an item was both purchased and paid for is sufficient.


An invoice or order confirmation, by itself, is not sufficient. It needs to be paired with proof of payment. This can include a copy of the canceled check or a copy of the credit card statement. However, a paid invoice is sufficient. A paid invoice shows a payment and a zero balance.

University Book Store

If the purchaser is eligible for the 10% rebate, this must be deducted from the amount of the reimbursement. We must assume this rebate unless the receipt specifically states "Not valid/eligible for UW Customer rebate." Deduct 10% of the "Eligible for UW Customer Rebate" amount (this is the pre-tax subtotal) and then subtract this from the total amount paid. It is up to the purchaser to collect this amount from the UW Bookstore. The 10% rebate will be deducted from the revolving fund reimbursement, regardless of whether or not the purchaser chooses to pursue the rebate from the UW Bookstore.

Allowable Items
  • Office Supplies
  • Miscellaneous Supplies
  • Memberships/Dues
  • Registrations/Fees
  • Books
  • Food/Light Refreshments (per Form 1798)
  • Alcohol may only be purchased on a 64-xxxx discretionary budget
Unauthorized Purchases
  • All travel including parking and mileage (please go to:
  • Personal Services/Items/Fines 
  • Furniture/Drapes
  • Food/Beverages (unless allowed by budget)
  • Decorative Items (unless 64-xxxx budget)
  • Personal Choice/Convenient Items (unless 64-xxxx budget)
  • Lecturers
  • Repairs
  • Consulting Fees/Advisory Boards
  • Prizes/Awards/Honoraria
  • Catering
  • Equipment and Building Rentals
  • Nonresident Alien (NRA) Research Subjects
  • Performers
  • Reimbursement to other University Departments

Payments are normally processed within three weeks from the date the completed form and documentation is received by the Petty Cash Custodian. You will receive an email notification when your check is ready for pick up from the Cashier’s Office.

Did You Know?

The University of Washington Bothell is the largest of the five branch campuses in the state.