Tiered Floor Classrooms

Tiered Floor Classrooms

Room Number Room Capacity Default Configuration Furniture Type Room Photo
DISC-061 198 Rows Fixed chairs Image
DISC-162 96 Grouped Non-wheeled Image
UW1-040 48 U-Shaped Wheeled chairs, Fixed Tables Image
UW1-041 60 U-Shaped Wheeled chairs, Fixed Tables Image
UW1-050 48 U-Shaped Wheeled Chairs, Fixed Tables Image
UW1-051 48 Rows Fixed chairs and tables Image
UW2-005 90 Rows Non-wheeled Chairs, Fixed Tables Image
UW2-031 48 U-Shaped Non-wheeled chairs, Fixed Tables Image
Tiered Floor classrooms are configured in a U-shape with affixed tables, and chairs that could move if needed, while others are auditorium style with fixed seating. Tiered classrooms contain:
  • ePodium (fixed)
  • Ceiling mounted projector and screen
  • 8ft whiteboards mounted in the front of the room

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