Flexible Classrooms

Flexible Classrooms

Room Number Room Capacity Default Configuration Furniture Type Room Photo
DISC-165B 30 Grouped Wheeled Image
DISC-252 60 Grouped Wheeled Image
UW1-060 30 Grouped Wheeled Image
UW1-110 48 Grouped Wheeled Image
UW1-261 30 Grouped Wheeled Image
The default seating configuration in flexible classrooms is set up for groups. The Flexible classrooms have wheeled furniture and can easily and quickly be moved into different seating configurations. All flexible classrooms contain:
  • Tables and chairs on wheels
  • 8ft whiteboards mounted in the front of the room
  • ePodium (fixed position)
  • Ceiling mounted projector and screen
  • Human-centric lighting

Optional equipment:

  • Personal whiteboards for individual or group work (DISC 252)
  • A 360° camera for recording class sessions for the purposes of their research on teaching and learning (DISC-252)
  • Specialized audio and video recording equipment for faculty to use for the purposes of their research on teaching and learning (DISC-252)

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