Classic Classrooms

Classic Classrooms

Available classic classrooms information:

Room Number Room Capacity Default Configuration Furniture Type Room Photo
LBA-003 30 Rows Non-wheeled Image
SSG-101 24 Rows Wheeled Image
UW1-021 40 Rows Non-wheeled Image
UW2-131 48 Rows Non-wheeled Image
UW2-141 48 Rows Non-wheeled Image
UW2-205 30 Rows Non-wheeled Image
UW2-221 30 Rows Wheeled Chairs, Non-wheeled Tables Image
UW2-228 18 Grouped Non-wheeled Image
UW2-240 48 Rows Non-wheeled Image
UW2-305 40 Rows Non-wheeled Image
UW2-307 18 Grouped Non-wheeled Image
UW2-340 40 Rows Non-wheeled Image
UWBB-107G 20 Rows Wheeled Image
UWBB-205 40 Rows Wheeled Image
UWBB-230 48 Rows Wheeled Chairs, Non-wheeled Tables Image
UWBB-240 48 Rows Wheeled Chairs, Non-wheeled Tables Image
UWBB-260 24 Rows Wheeled Image

 The classic classroom has a default seating configuration (usually rows), and the room must be returned to this configuration at the end of each use. All Classic classrooms contain:
  • Flat floors
  • ePodium (fixed)
  • Tables and Chairs in Rows (may not be easily moveable) facing ePodium
  • Ceiling mounted projector and screen
  • 8ft to 12ft wide whiteboards mounted in the front of the room

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