Assisted Valet FAQ's

Assisted Valet Parking FAQs

Q:  Who manages the campus assisted valet parking system?
A:  Commuter services has contracted with a professional valet company called Prime Parking Systems to provide professional assisted parking services.  Attendants provided by Prime Parking do not accept tips or collect fees of any kind. 


Q:  What are the hours of operation?
A:  Attendants will be available Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Q:  What if I leave my keys with valet and plan on leaving after 6:00pm?
A:  Keys not retrieved by 6pm will be delivered to the campus safety department, across the street from the ARC.  Campus Safety is open 24 hours. 


Q:  Am I required to leave my keys with the valet assist parking attendant?
A:  If you self-park in a regular space, then you don’t need to leave your keys with an attendant.  If the lot is full, you always have the option to leave the area and look for parking elsewhere.  However, if you are parked in a drive lane, you must lock your car and provide the key to the attendant as they may need to move your car to allow another person that you are blocking to leave.


Q:  Do the attendants sell parking permits?
A:  No, the attendants are on site to manage vehicle parking and maximize parking lot efficiency.  If you wish to buy a parking permit visit Commuter Services at Husky Hall.  For one-day parking, visit a pay station near your parking lot.  Attendants do not accept tips or collect fees of any kind. 


Q:  What happens if an attendant damages my car?
A:  The parking contractor, Prime Parking, has an excellent reputation for carefully handling vehicles.  If you believe that your vehicle was damaged by a valet parking attendant, report the damage immediately to the attendant on duty.  The onsite manager will promptly assist you and provide instructions on filing a damage claim with their company.


Q:  Can I use a car cover if I use valet assisted parking?
A:  Valet assist parking requires parking attendants to promptly move cars, and a car cover may delay this process.  If you want to use a car cover, you should self-park in a marked parking space instead of using the valet assist parking services.


Q:  How many additional spaces will be created as a result of valet assist parking?
A:  For every 2.5 regular stalls, one car may park with the valet assist system.  Accounting for the 126 stall section, this will increase the number of parking spots by roughly 60 spaces.


Q:  How do I contact Prime Parking directly if there are questions?
A:  Prime Parking can be contacted via email at or phone at 206.858.8252.