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Valet Assisted Parking

Why Valet Assisted Parking?

The Bothell campus experiences parking capacity issues during peak traffic times.  In an effort to alleviate these issues, commuter services will test an "valet assisted parking” system.  This test will utilize the services of Prime Parking systems, an experienced contracted valet company, to park more cars in a selected surface lot on the southwest side of campus.  If the test goes well, assisted parking will resume in autumn of 2018.

What is Valet Assisted Parking? 

Assisted parking is a complimentary service that takes advantage of aisle space within designated parking areas to double-park vehicles without disrupting traffic circulation.  Drivers may continue to self-park in an available parking space where their permit is valid (just as they normally would) but if these parking spaces all become full, attendants will be available to direct drivers to safely park on one side of a drive aisle (double-park).  An annual, quarterly, event, or daily permit is required to park in regular and assisted parking areas on campus.   

How do I use it?

Parking your car

Signs will be placed in visible locations at the entrance of designated areas in the upper southwest lot. For lot locations, please visit the commuter services website.

  1. When you enter an assisted parking area, please follow the signs and obey the posted speed limit.
  2. Directional signs will flow traffic in a one way pattern within the designated lot. 
  3. An attendant will direct you to park in a parking lot drive aisle. When instructed, stop your car and set the parking brake.
  4. The attendant will take your car keys and affix a numbered inventory control tag and conduct a damage check on your vehicle, and give you a corresponding claim check. The claim check must be presented to an attendant to retrieve your car keys.
  5. If you are directed to park in a drive aisle and you need to purchase a daily permit, enter your license plate number at the pay station instead of the stall number.
  6. Prime Parking recommends giving the valet car key, which does not open your glove box or trunk.
  7. Before leaving your car, make sure to roll up all the windows, lock the doors and note the location where you are parked.
  8. Never leave valuables in your car.

Retrieving your car

  1. Return to the Valet Assisted Parking tent where you originally parked.
  2. Give the attendant your claim check.
  3. The attendant will give you your car keys, and you may take your vehicle. Attendants will be available if you need assistance maneuvering out of the space.
  4. Vehicles in drive aisles will be placed in parking spaces as they become available after 3:30pm.  You are encouraged to retrieve keys before 6:00pm. 
  5. Keys not picked up by 6:00pm will be at campus safety which is across from the ARC and is open 24 hours.  Once you present the claim check you will receive your keys and the location of your car.  The physical address for campus safety is 18325 Campus Way NE. 

My car is blocked!

  1. Go to the vehicle blocking your car and note the ticket number on the dash/windshield.
  2. Tell an available attendant the ticket number, they will need this to locate the keys to the car blocking yours.
  3. The attendant will move the car and help you exit the parking space.

Truly Lot discontinuation

***The truly express shuttle will be discontinued effective 03/16/2018***