Citations after 6/23/2019

Appeal or pay for ticket(s) online on the Bothell Campus Parking Portal.

Students and faculty members of Bothell Campus must log in with their UW Net ID. Visitors must create a visitor account.

Citations prior to 6/23/2019

All citations prior to 6/23/2019 must be paid with Coast Professional Inc. (CPI) via phone at 888.815.2843. 







  • Appeals must be submitted within 21 days of issuance of parking citation on the Bothell Campus Parking Portal.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the adjudication of your first appeal, you have 21 days to file a second level appeal.  Submit a written statement via email to with the subject "Second Level Appeal".


  • Online with Credit Card, Visa or Mastercard only
  • Cashier's Office at Husky Hall with Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Husky Card.
  • Mail with Check or Money Order made payable to "UW Bothell":

UW Bothell Commuter Services

Box 358544

10909 NE 185th Street

Bothell, WA 98011




Citation and Associated Fees  


Citation Fees

Parking without Appropriate Permit


Improper Parking


Parking with No Valid Payment


Parking out of Assigned area/space


Parking in Space/Area not designated for parking


Parking in Restricted Area


Parking on Planted Areas


Parking in Space Designated for Disability



Washington Administrative Code - WAC

WAC 478-117 promotes safety and efficiency of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the campus of University of Washington, Bothell, and Cascadia College.

It is the responsibility of all individuals parking or operating a vehicle on [Bothell] campus to comply with these rules. Lack of knowledge of these rules shall not be grounds for the dismissal of any citation for a violation of the parking or traffic rules (WAC 478-117-012). Violators of the WAC-478-117: Parking on Bothell campus and Traffic Rules of the University of Washington, Bothell, are subject to citations. For additional information about the WAC 478-117, please visit the Washington State Legislature website.