Parking Rules

UW Bothell / Cascadia College Parking Rules are governed by the Washington Administrative Code.  It is the responsibility of all students, staff, faculty and all other individuals parking on campus to read and fully understand these rules and regulations.  Lack of knowledge of the parking rules and regulations does not  constitute a valid excuse for dismissal of any parking violation(s).

Pay / Appeal Information & Procedures

Pay / Appeal Citation

Pay and/or appeal citation(s) online.

Student Account


UW Bothell - Cascadia College





Students with any outstanding parking citation(s) are subject to an academic account hold.

Vehicle Boot /

Wheel Lock


Any vehicle with an accumulation of four or more unpaid parking citations is subject to placement of a vehicle boot.  For assistance with vehicle boot removal go to Campus Safety (425-352-5359) located accress from the ARC under LB2.