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Interested in carpooling? UW Bothell students, faculty and staff who carpool regularly three or more days per week are eligible to purchase carpool parking permits. If you are interested please complete a carpool application form and drop it off at the Cashier's Office, Husky Hall, just inside the main western entrance. Present the completed carpool applications along with all participants' Husky Cards.

Carpool permits cost $194 per quarter and can be purchased at the Cashier's Office. Carpool permits are issued only on a quarterly basis.

Parking Locations

Carpool parking spaces are located on the second level of the South Garage and the second level of the North Garage.

Participation Requirements

To participate in the carpool permit program, the following requirements must be met:

  • Two or more UW Bothell faculty, staff, affiliate, or UW Bothell registered students performing their responsibilities on the UW Bothell campus.
  • Drive together as a carpool to the UW Bothell at least three days a week.
  • All members must present their UW Bothell Husky CardTM at the time of applying for the permit and also when renewing or reapplying for a carpool permit.
  • No members can have an outstanding campus parking violation.
  • To apply for a carpool permit, all participants must complete a carpool application and present their valid UW Bothell Husky CardTM. To keep a permit, members must contact the Cashier's Office to report changes in carpool status within three days of the changes. If the carpool has dissolved, it has three weeks to re-form; if the carpool does not re-form by that point, the permit is no longer valid and continued usage may result in fines.
  • Carpool permits cost $180 per quarter and can be purchased at the Cashier's Office. Carpool permits are issued only on a quarterly basis.
  • The driver of the carpool must have a valid driver's license, own a car, and be in one of the following categories - a student, faculty or staff member employed in a permanent position on the UW Bothell campus, a temporary/hourly employee working at least three days per week throughout the quarter, or a retiree who is re-employed on a part-time basis, or registered student.

If you need assistance determining whether you meet all the criteria for a carpool permit, contact Commuter Services at

Rideshare Online

Bothell Campus Rideshare Online is a fun and easy way to find friends, classmates and colleagues who are going the same way you are. Rideshare Online makes it easy to share the seats in your car or catch a ride.

It's simple. Have a car? Split the costs by driving fellow Bothell campus community members. Don't have a car? Find a ride where you need to go. You save money,
protect the environment and have more fun when you share the ride. Membership is free and easy. All UW Bothell students, staff, and faculty are
eligible to sign-up for Rideshare Online here:

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Bothell Campus Rideshare Online Community

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Guaranteed Ride Home

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