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25Live Training - Requesting Space

Requesting Space through 25Live

This is the second level of training for 25Live. Be sure to complete the Getting Started with 25 Training prior to starting this training. Faculty, staff, approved student staff, and student club representatives/officers with UW NetIDs are able to request access to 25Live for space reservation requests.

In this training you will learn more about...

Note about training

You may not be able to perform all of the tasks outlined in this training prior to receiving access to 25Live. For this reason, you are only required to read and review this training before requesting access to 25Live. It is strongly encouraged that you revisit this training documentation after you receive access.

Module 4 - Accessing and navigating the Event Form

The fourth module reviews the 25Live Event Form used to request space on campus.

Getting started with the Event Form

Review each of the following 25Live Event Form sections to better understand what information is needed when requesting event space:

Layout diagrams

The Attached Files section gives you an opportunity to customize your set-up. You can access these blank and custom diagrams for space area configurations by clicking on the link within the bulleted list. Use the sample diagrams named A through F as a reference to choose a layout.

You can attach a your own diagram if you are requesting a custom setup by using the Upload a file button. If your setup diagram is not ready when you submit the event request, you can return to the form closer to your event date and attach it.

Additional event info

In the Additional Event Information section, please answer all required questions and answer any optional question that applies.

Requirements section

These questions are required as they help connect you with other campus services necessary for your event such as applying for any necessary permits (including parking permits), adding custom space setups, and requesting audio/visual technology for your event.

The following options will be presented and you must select all that apply to your event; if none apply, please select "This event requires none of the services listed above."

  • UWB: Alcohol will be served at this event.
  • UWB: Food and/or non-alcoholic beverages will be served.
  • UWB: This event will require a special furniture setup.
  • UWB: This event will require the use of audio/visual technology.
  • We would like to purchase parking permits for this event.
  • This event requires none of the services listed above.

In the Comments to Scheduler section, you can add additional information, special requests, or instructions for the space scheduler to consider. This will appear in theAll requests are pending until confirmed by the scheduler.

Continue on to Module 5 for more on how to review and submit your event request.

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Module 5 - Reviewing and submitting your Event Form

  1. Review the checklist provided in 25Live to make sure you have completed these additional items:
    • Selected a layout for your requested event space or upload your custom diagram for the requested event space.
    • Requested all event support needs (if applicable).
    • Provided a valid budget number.
  2. Check the “I agree” box to proceed.
  3. You can Preview the event request by selecting the Preview button. This will generate a summary of your event's details. We recommend previewing your event form before clicking the Save button.
  4. Choose how you'd like to proceed by selecting the relevant option within the After Saving This Event section, then click Save.
  5. Once you click Save, your reservation request is complete and will be pending for final approval by the campus scheduler.

Visit the UW Bothell Policy on Use of University Facilities page for more information on the policy on use of University facilities.

Continue on to Module 6 for more on how to lookup your events within 25Live.

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Module 6 - Searching for Events and Locations

There are multiple options for searching for events and locations.

Once you have your search results, you can learn more about how to work with those search results on 25Live's website.

Did your event details change? Update your 25Live Event Form request. Visit the 25Live Help page for more information on editing individual events with the Event Form.

Conference Room Scheduling in 25Live

To reserve a conference room in 25Live, utilize the Express Scheduling widget within your 25Live dashboard.

Learn more about Express Scheduling with 25Live

Certification of Completion

Once you have completed reviewing both the Getting Started and Requesting Space trainings, please fill out and submit the Certificate of Completion form to confirm completion and request access to 25Live. After submiting the certificate of completion, please allow 2 - 3 business days for your access request to be processed.

Note: Before submitting the Certificate of Completion, ensure you have signed in to 25Live at least one time. Failure to do so will result in delayed access.

Submit the Certificate of Completion form

Want to learn more about 25Live?

Additional information on all topics are available in the CollegeNet knowledgebase or by selecting the Help icon in the 25Live interface.

Help link with a question mark to the Knowledgebase on the 25Live interface.

If you have any other questions regarding scheduling space within 25Live, please contact

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