Snowpocalypse 2019 - UW Bothell style

Snow starting to cover the bronze W

In the beginning … the W was coated with a light dusting of snow, giving the campus the idyllic glow of winter.

Campus covered in snow

It wasn’t long before everything was covered under an ice-cold blanket, prompting the beginning of what would be almost seven snow days. Here are scenes from various rounds of Snowpocalypse 2019.

Facilities crew clearing the campus of snow

Our Facilities Services and Campus Operations team immediately went into action to stay ahead of each snowfall. They were at the ready with snow plows, anti-icing equipment and can-do attitudes!

Dangerous scenes around campus

Some of the conditions that posed hazards were snapping branches, slick staircases, falling ice and roads with layers of snow and ice.

Caution signs and marked off areas around campus

Even with the campus closed, crews posted signs of caution. Later, to prepare for the return of students, faculty and staff, they designated specific areas for safe travel on the grounds.

Husky village covered in snow

Students living in Husky Village were well cared for by Residential Life staff and the parking lot and walkways were kept clear for their safe passage.

A snow W in front of Discovery Hall

While the Makerspace stood empty, there was plenty of “making” outside. Someone with an eye to detail (and cold hands, no doubt), made a perfect replica of the W …

a snow version of a cat in front of husky village

Not to be outdone by a dawg, Husky Village residents built the requisite Snow Cat.

A snow version of dubs the husky

… while across the way, Snow Dubs and his snow handler stood guard.

The ancestors art installation covered in snow

The Ancestors bear witness to Snowpocalypse, adding it to the memory of times past that they represent.