Bachelor of Arts

Environmental Studies Distribution Requirements

Distribution Requirements

Courses taken to fulfill the Environmental Studies core requirements CANNOT be used to fulfill the Environmental Studies distribution requirements. 

 Distribution Requirement



Environmental Science

BEARTH 318 Hydrogeology
BEARTH 341 Natural Hazards and Human Disasters
BES 311 Environmental Chemistry
BES 330 Limnology 
BES 331 Estuarine Science and Mangament
BES 362 Introduction to Restoration Ecology
BES 397 Special Topics in Env. Science
BES 460 Water Quality
BES 485 Conservation Biology
BES 488 Wetland Ecology
BES 489 Pacific Northwest Ecosystems
BES 490 Pacific NW Plants in Restoration & Conservation
BIS 241 Nature & the Northwest
BIS 242 Environmental Geography (if not used as a prerequisite)
BIS 306 Marine Diversity and Conservation
BIS 360 Pollinator Diversity and Conservation (formerly offered under BIS 397)
BIS 386 Global Environmental Issues
BST 200 Introduction to Climate Science (if not used as a prerequisite)

 Methods & Practices

BEARTH 321 Geomorphology
BES 303 Environmental Monitoring Practicum (2 credits)
BES 316 Ecological Methods
BES 317 Soils Laboratory
BES 439 Computer Model. & Visual in Environmental Science
BES 440 Remote Sensing of the Environment
BES 460 Water Quality 
BES 462 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Introduction
BES 463 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Proposal and Plan
BES 490 Pacific Northwest Plants in Restoration & Conservation
BIS 232 Introduction to Data Visualization
BIS 340 Approaches to Cultural Research
BIS 342 Geographic Information Systems
BIS 343 Geographic Visualization
BIS 344 Intermediate GIS
BIS 405 Environmental Education
BIS 410 Topics in Qualitative Inquiry
BIS 442 Advanced GIS Analysis and Applications
BIS 483 Community Orgainizing
BISGWS 303 Approaches to Feminist Inquiry
BEDUC 493 Environmental Education

Society & Environment

BIS 240 Introduction to Sustainable Practices
BIS 241 Nature in the Northwest
BIS 244 Wetlands Discovery (2-3 credits)
BIS 245 Environmental Humanities
BIS 246 Introduction to Sustainability
BIS 252 Politics of Science
BIS 281 Contemporary Political Ideas and Ideologies
BIS 282 Globalization
BIS 285 Seminar in Biology
BIS 307 Environmental Justice
BIS 319 Education and Society (3 credits)
BIS 320 Comparative Political Economies
BIS 345 American Environmental Thought
BIS 353 Human Rights Theory and Practice
BIS 356 Ethics and the Environment
BIS 358 Issues in Environmental Science
BIS 359 Principles & Controversies of Sustainability
BIS 360 Pollinator Diversity and Conservation (formerly offered under BIS 397)
BIS 385 Art and Climate Change
BIS 391 Environmental History of the Pacific Northwest
BIS 392 Water and Sustainability
BIS 394 Comparative Economic Development
BIS 396 Topics in Sustainability
BIS 397 Topics in Environmental Studies
BIS 458 Energy, Environment and Society
BIS 459 Conservation and Sustainable Development
BIS 468 Human Rights and Sustainable Development
BISGST 303 History and Globalization
BISGST 324 International Political Economy
BISSEB 304 Institutions and Social Change
BISSEB 359 Ethics and Society
BBUS 460 Sustainable Business

Environmental Policy & Management

BES 362 Restoration Ecology
BES 464 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Field Site Restoration
BES 485 Conservation Biology
BIS 307 Environmental Justice
BIS 338 Political Institutions and Processes
BIS 346 Topics in Environmental Policy
BIS 406 Urban Planning and Geography
BIS 415 Public Policy and Law
BIS 419 Urban Politics and Policy
BIS 446 Science, Expertise, and Public Policy
BIS 458 Energy, Environment and Society
BPOLST 492 Topics in Policy Research
BST 445 Political Economy of Energy