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IAS Degree Portfolio

Students in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences degree programs build a learning and professional portfolio as part of the core curriculum. The portfolio process helps students to become self-directed about their educational journey during their time at UW Bothell. It encourages students to reflect on what they have learned and done, the connections they have made among courses and assignments, and how their academic accomplishments can contribute to their future goals. Portfolios may be kept in hard copy or electronically.

The portfolio process begins when students take BIS 300: Interdisciplinary Inquiry. In BIS 300, students are introduced to the four core IAS Learning Objectives and complete a course portfolio that models the process for the IAS degree portfolio. Other Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS) courses offer opportunities for students to continue to assess their learning and develop their portfolios. After the completion of each quarter, students should retrieve all assignments and complete the Quarterly Student Self-Assessment (QSSA) form. Students will also benefit greatly from taking the 2-credit course, BIS 399: Portfolio Reflection at a midpoint in their degree.

All of the degrees housed in IAS conclude with BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone. Taken within the student's final two quarters, this 3-credit course allows students to complete their final learning/professional portfolio. Final portfolios include reflective essays and evidence of learning based in work completed during the degree. The portfolio provides the capstone to students' learning in IAS, while also preparing them to talk about that learning to future audiences.

Note: Student admitted to an IAS degree program prior to Autumn 2010 may complete BES 464, BIS 403, and BIS 490, or BIS 492 in the place of BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone.

*Non-textual assignments can be difficult to retain, but they can be extremely valuable. Students may be able to have Campus Media videotape their performance and request a taped copy. Other students may take digital photos of a group poster or installation. Assignments on web discussion boards and other web-based media should be printed out before the course ends.


Introduces the Portfolio Process:

Opportunities to Develop your Portfolio:

Portfolio Completion:

BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry

BIS 399 Portfolio Reflection

QSSA (Quarterly Student Self-Assessment)


BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone



What goes in my portfolio?

Assignments completed while you are in the program:

  • Papers (preferably with professor's comments)
  • Projects
  • Performances*
  • Presentations*
  • Exams
  • Self-assessments

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