Bachelor of Science

Research Opportunities

Many IAS students take the opportunity to conduct advanced work on a project developed in close partnership with a faculty member. Funding is available for these projects. For more information about funding please visit

Recent Research Topics


  • North Creek Turbidity Monitoring
  • Assessment of beaver impacts on North Creek
  • 21 Acres soil assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment of bottled water
  • An inquiry into compost as a science
  • A study on the effectiveness of the Raptor Conservation Education Program at the Woodland Park Zoo
  • The Role of States in Curbing Global Climate Change
  • Ecology of Black Lily: a rare species of cultural concern to Northwest Native Tribes
  • Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography
  • Political, economic, and ecological aspects of the Snake River
  • Development of a greenhouse gas emissions profile for Snohomish County
  • The energetic costs of shell repair and shell growth: an authentic research experience
  • Ethanol from corn: A critical assessment


Liam McGivern

"In my view, the experience of researching, writing, and submitting my paper for the Library Research Award illustrates the exceptional nature of an education at University of Washington Bothell. The small size of the campus allows us to work closely with professors, librarians, and staff. The vast resources and prestige of the University of Washington allows us to perform in-depth research that can earn acclaim from one of the nation's top schools. I encourage all Bothell students to take advantage of both of these aspects of an education at UWB. My experiences have been truly rewarding."

Liam McGivern
Global Studies, 2009
Library Research Award Winner


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Opportunity to publish in an online journal at UW:

Intersections, an online journal housed in the Comparative History of Ideas (CHID) program at UW Seattle, seeks work from UW Bothell students on any subject that falls broadly within the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. 

CHID publish's quarterly and accept papers at any time without prompt. Click here to learn more.