Bachelor of Science

Senior Capstone

Environmental Science students must complete a Senior Capstone Project during their senior year. Students can either complete the Capstone Project in Restoration Ecology or 10 credits of Approved Independent Research. Students admitted to the major in Autumn 2010 or later must also complete BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone within their final two quarters.

Capstone Project in Restoration Ecology

In the Restoration Ecology Capstone, students of different academic backgrounds work together to complete a local restoration project. Students learn how to plan, design, install, and monitor a restoration project while working in teams.

The Capstone consists of 10 credits earned over autumn, winter and spring quarters (BES 462, BES 463 and BES 464). Students should contact Warren Gold for admission into the capstone.

Please read the following website for further details:

Integrated into the Senior Restoration Ecology Capstone is the IAS Degree Portfolio. The portfolio is a compilation of graded work; for more information on the degree portfolio click here.

Approved Independent Research

Students work individually with a faculty member researching a topic of their choice. Generally taken over two quarters; students complete ten 400-level credits of Independent Research.

Portfolio Capstone

Within a student's final two quarters, they take a 3-credit Portfolio Capstone course. In this course, students complete their learning/professional portfolio. Final portfolios include reflective essays and evidence of learning based in work completed during the degree.