December 2018

911 lines down

911 lines down in King County.  To reach Campus Safety call 425-352-5359. For Bothell Police, call 425-486-1254. 

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All Clear

Updated:  9:25 p.m.

All clear:  UW Bothell (including the library) will be open as usual on Friday, Dec. 21.

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Power outage

Update: 12:45

Operations at the University of Washington and Cascadia College campus have been suspended due to a power outage.

Update: 12:35

University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College officials are responding to the power outages on campus.

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Threatening emails sent to campus

UPDATE 11:21 a.m. 

The University of Washington Police Deparment continues to investigate the email threats, but there is no safety concern. The FBI has also advised that the email is not a credible threat.

UWPD is aware of and investigating threatening emails sent to individuals on campus. 

The email appears to be a generic spam email that has been sent to other organizations around the country.

If you receive such an email, notify Campus Safety at 425-352-5222.

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