BA Elementary Education Endorsement Option: Special Education (SPED)

Meeting the needs of all students is central to our work as professional educators. Having the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the diverse learning needs of our students both supports quality learning in the classroom and our own career development.

The Inclusive Practice in Special Education endorsement (SPED) is designed to equip teachers with the initial knowledge and skills necessary for supporting the positive academic and social-emotional development of children and youth with disabilities in inclusive classroom and school settings.

The endorsement structure facilitates professional learning through the movement from knowledge and skills
acquisition to application via case based learning and practical experience. Areas of curricular focus include: a) foundations, b) assessment, c) planning, d) instruction, and e) communication and collaboration.

Required Courses

  • B EDUC 403 – Introduction to Special Education
  • B EDUC 482 – Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education
  • B EDUC 483 – Planning for Student Success in Inclusive Education
  • B EDUC 484 – Secondary Special Education and Transition
  • B EDUC 485 – Instruction in Inclusive Settings
  • B EDUC 435 – Student Teaching in SPED