Transfer Students

Applying to the Elementary Education Option

Transfer students are not able to apply to the Elementary Education Option directly.  If you are interested in the Elementary Education option, you must first be admitted to UW Bothell and the Educational Studies major.  Please visit our admission webpage for transfer student application deadlines for Educational Studies (BA).

All students interested in the Elementary Education Option should start preparing their application materials early.  See the list on the current UW Bothell student applicants webpage for more information. The Elementary Education Option application deadline is February 1.

UW Bothell admissions requirements

If you are transferring to UW Bothell from another institution and are hoping to apply to the Educational Studies major directly, here are prerequisites and information you'll need to apply:


Competitive applicants will have the following:

  • 45 credits from an accredited institution
  • 1 English Composition course with a minimum grade of a 2.0
  • A well written personal statement

UW Bothell admissions minimum core requirements

If completed in high school:

  • Mathematics: 3 years (including completion of Intermediate Algebra)
  • World Language*: 2 years of the same language

If completed in college:

  • Mathematics: Completion of Intermediate Algebra with minimum GPA of 2.0
  • World Language*: 10 credits of same language or completion of 102 level

*Applicants required to prove English language proficiency are exempt from the World Languages requirement.

Application process

If you would like to apply to UW Bothell, please visit the transfer students admission's website for more information.

For application deadlines please see UW Bothell priority applications dates.

Select Educational Studies as your major: Apply Now

UW Bothell admission's resources

If you are not ready to apply, and would like more information, visit the UW Bothell transfer students admission's page.

Here are some quick links to get you started: