Skill Assessment

Basic Skills Assessment WEST-B (095, 096, 097)

Teacher Certification applicants are required by the State of Washington to take the Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic or the WEST-B. It is required of all applicants to Washington-approved teacher preparation programs.

The test consists of three separate subtests:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writing

Please read the information carefully on the WEST-B website for test dates and score reporting dates. Score reports are a requirement at time of application to the University of Washington Bothell Elementary Education Option. Please include a hard copy of your test results with your application.

We have the West B guides in the UW Bothell Library. Links to these items in the current catalog can be found below.

  • Practical Math & Writing Skills – Success in 20 minutes a day

Candidates may substitute a passing score on one or more sections of the SAT or ACT for the equivalent passing scores on the WEST-B. Passing scores are:

  • SAT
    • Math: 515
    • Reading: 500
    • Writing: 490
  • ACT
    • Math: 22
    • Reading: 22
    • Writing: 08