Documentation of Experience Working with Students

two teacher candidates working with a group of elementary students

Documentation of Experience Working with Students

Applicants to UW Bothell's Elementary or Secondary Education teacher certification programs must document 20 hours of experience working with students in a public school classroom. This classroom experience requirement ensures that teacher certification applicants are not only familiar with modern United States classrooms, but that they are also prepared and excited to pursue a career in teaching. By completing 20 hours in a classroom, teacher certification applicants have the opportunity to explore which grade levels they may want to teach, ask experienced teachers questions about their career journey, and see the work of teaching and learning in action.

Requirements for Experience with Students

Elementary Education Teacher Certification (Elementary Education Option or Post-Baccalaureate)

  • 20 hours in a United States public elementary school classroom, or in multiple classrooms
  • Applicants must document work with children in grades K-5
  • Hours must have been completed in the last two years

Secondary Education Teacher Certification

  • 20 hours in a United States public middle or high school classroom
  • Applicants must document work with children in grades 6-12
  • Hours must have been completed in the last two years

Nature of Experience with Students

While all experience working with students is valuable, the School of Educational Studies is looking for direct experience in public elementary, middle, or high school classrooms. The School of Educational Studies will accept and encourages any of the following experiences:

  • Observing and listening to instruction and students' learning
  • One-on-one student support or instruction
  • Leading small groups or stations
  • Leading large groups
  • Paraprofessional experience
  • Previous classroom teaching experience

Other experiences such as after-school or community programming, nannying, coaching, religious or private school education, or school administrative work can be included on a resume that is submitted as part of the certification program application.

How to Complete Classroom Experience Requirement

Applicants to the Elementary or Secondary Education teacher certification programs can complete the required 20 hours of experience in many different ways, including Community-Based Learning and Research work as part of UW Bothell coursework, but many applicants choose to volunteer in public school classrooms.

Typical Process for Volunteering in a Public Elementary, Middle, or High School Classroom

  1. Research volunteering processes at local school districts - volunteer information is typically found on school district websites
  2. Complete and submit all volunteer applications, indicating applicant's intention to apply for a teacher certification program and their preference for the accepted experiences listed above
  3. Complete a state-mandated background check
  4. Complete any safety training or volunteer orientation
  5. Begin volunteering with students!

Please note that specific volunteer requirements and processes vary by school district and by state.