Curriculum, Instruction & Equity Concentration

Curriculum, Instruction & Equity Concentration

Students pursuing the interdisciplinary Curriculum, Instruction & Equity concentration will examine multiple approaches to learning and instruction in a variety of formal and informal community settings. Throughout their coursework, students will engage with Educational Studies core themes and consider questions such as: how does one promote equity in learning environments through instruction and assessment, teaching and learning? And what are the historical contexts for equity in education, and how does knowledge of the history of teaching and learning impact current educational practice? 

Learning Goals

This concentration aims to produce critically engaged educators and citizens who: 

  • Design and employ curriculum, instructional, and inquiry practices to promote equity and social justice across educational and community contexts
  • Adapt and advocate for practices in a wide range of teaching and learning contexts, communities, and public spaces
  • Dedicate themselves to continuous development of academic, practitioner, and community knowledge and skills
  • Serve as leaders and change agents in their respective fields
  • Contribute to developing a citizenry that is well-informed about complex educational issues

Career Opportunities

Because the Educational Studies major is interdisciplinary and requires 25 credits of electives outside the School of Educational Studies, students are well-equipped to enter a wide variety of professional fields including:

  • Educational or youth-support non-profits
  • After-school or recreational programming
  • Higher education
  • Teaching abroad
  • Teaching pre-school

Double Major or Minor Opportunities

Many Educational Studies majors pair the Curriculum, Equity & Instruction Concentration with a second major or minor to create a uniquely specialized academic and career-preparation experience. Some common pairings include Educational Studies and: