SES Advising & Student Services

Virtual Appointment Check-in

SES Advising Appointment Check-In Process

To reduce crowding in the SES office (UW1-311), please check in to your advising appointment virtually.

Virtual Appointment Check-In

  1. At the start of your appointment, use a phone or computer to visit the Navigate home page:
  2. Select "Check-in Online." This will alert your advisor that you have arrived.
  3. Wait in the UW1 third floor vista or in the hallway outside the SES office.
  4. When your advisor is ready to begin the appointment, they will message you using Navigate. Depending on your settings, you will receive a text message, an email, or a Navigate message.
  5. After your advisor has contacted you, meet your advisor in the SES office, where they will take you to their office space.

Drop-In Advising Check-In

SES is offering drop-in advising for Elementary Education program application-related questions. Here are check-in instructions:

  1. At the start of your appointment, use a phone or computer to visit the Navigate home page:
  2. From the Navigate home page, click the blue "Schedule an Appointment" button.MicrosoftTeams-image.png
  3. In the Other Appointment Options area, select "View Drop-In Times."MicrosoftTeams-image-(1).png
  4.  Choose "Academic Advising" as your appointment type. Then select "Teacher Certification Advising" or "Academic Planning & Registration" as your service.  Then click "Find Available Time."
  5. Select the drop-in advising session date from the calendar, then select the "Educational Studies Remote Advising" location.
  6. Details about your advisor's drop-in availability are listed under their name on the next screen. You should copy and paste Zoom link information. 
  7. Select "Drop In Online" or "Check in with First Available" advisor if you are logged into Navigate while drop-in advising is currently underway. Clicking on this link will notify your advisor that you have entered the drop-in queue.
  8. After checking in, go to the Zoom link provided to you in Navigate. You will join your advisor's waiting room and will be allowed into the meeting room when it is your turn. Please note that you will not be able to see how many students are in line ahead of you. Your advisor will communicate to students in the waiting room if drop-in advising ends before all students are seen. You will be invited to attend the next session.