Education & Society Minor

The Education and Society Minor is for Every Major

The Education & Society Minor is intended to help students develop broad perspectives on the purposes and forms of education and schooling. It consists of a minimum of 25 credits of coursework.

These 25 credits will challenge
your thinking about:

  • Relating to other people
  • Education’s role in society  
  • Learning, growing, and building your career field
It made me rethink the education system as a whole. MaryBeth L., Community Psychology Major

Coursework must include:

  1. B EDUC 220 - Education and Society (5 cr) I&S
  2. Any of the following School of Educational Studies courses:
  • B EDUC  230     Culture, Knowledge, and Education (5 cr) I&S, DIV
  • B EDUC  250     Topics in Education and Popular Culture (5 cr) VLPA
  • B EDUC  315     History of Education in the United States (5 cr) I&S
  • B EDUC  330     Race Culture and Identity in the Classroom (5 cr) I&S, DIV 
  • B EDUC  391     Special Topics in Education (1-5 cr)
  • B EDUC  392     Independent Study (must have faculty sponsor, 1-5 cr)
  • B EDUC  452     Service Learning (2 cr) I&S
  • B EDUC  456     Adolescents in School and Society (5 cr) I&S
  • B EDUC  460     Moral Dimensions of Education (5 cr) I&S
  • B EDUC  461     Educational Implications of Gender Inequality (5 cr) DIV
  • B EDUC  474     Global Englishes (5 cr) I&S, DIV
  • B EDUC  475     Global Perspectives on Diversity and Citizenship Education (3 cr) I&S, DIV
  • B EDUC  476      New Literacies for Digital Learning (5 cr)
  • B EDUC  480     Life and Learning in Middle School (3 cr) (spring quarter)
  • B EDUC  491     Special Topics in Education (1-5 cr)
  • B EDUC  493     Environmental Education (3 cr) NW
  • B EDUC  522     Education and the American Dream (3 cr) (must have senior standing to enroll)

The following courses are approved for electives in the Education and Society Minor. You may choose 5 credits from the following designated courses in other academic programs to use toward the 25 credits required for the Minor:

  • BIS 219   The Politics of Sex Education (5 cr)
  • BIS 225   Applied Social Psychology (5 cr)
  • BIS 226   Foundations of U.S. Social Service (5 cr)
  • BIS 328   Diversity, Leadership and Engagement (prev. other #s) (5 cr)
  • BIS 436   Comparative Family Systems  (5 cr)
  • BIS 443   Educational Policy and the American Economy (5 cr)
  • BIS 445   Meanings and Realities of Inequality  (5 cr)
  • BISIA 484      Arts Learning in the Community (5 cr)
  • BHLTH 465    Adolescent Health (5 cr)

Declared Minors prior to autumn quarter 2014, may use 5 credits from the following course list:

  • BIS  220     Developmental Psychology (5 cr)
  • BIS  348     Cultural Psychology  (5 cr)
  • BIS  435     Interactive Learning Theory  (5 cr)
  • BIS  443     Educational Policy and the American Economy  (5 cr)
  • BIS  445     Meanings and Realities of Inequality  (5 cr)
  • BIS  457     Thinking and Decision Making  (5 cr)
  • BIS  494     Task Force: MATCH Leadership Course (5 cr)
    formerly - B CUSP 206 The Dream Project (2 cr, max 20)

Other requirements:

  • A 2.0 GPA is required for general admission to the Minor in Education.
  • 20 credits of numerically graded coursework must be counted towards the Minor.
  • A grade of 2.0 or better is required in each course credited for the minor.
  •  A minimum of 15 credits must be upper-division coursework (300-level and above).

An application form for the Education Minor must be completed and be on file or the Minor will not be noted on a student's academic record.

Advising Appointments

Ask your advisor about the Education Minors or contact The School of Educational Studies to make an appointment.

“If you’re going to be dealing with the public, you need  to understand who they are, what they’re motivated to do, what their knowledge is…you have to lead people into  understanding and learning.”
David Schneider, UWB K-8 Teacher Certification Grad and National Board Certified Teacher

Education & Society Minor Themes

Schooling in American Society

Culture and Knowledge

Peace & Global Education

Students interested in focusing on one of the specific themes within the Minor may take course combinations that also fulfill the Minor credits requirements.


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