Leadership Development for Educators (LEDE)

A Principal Preparation Program that Honors Your Work as a Teacher Leader

If your work as a learning-focused teacher leader has led you to the place of imagining broader influence at the school level, then the LEDE program is designed to provide the platform and preparation for your next career step. 

Many of the instructional leadership skills that are so central to principal success are developed over time as teachers take on challenging responsibilities in their schools. This is especially so as teacher leaders support teaching and learning beyond their classrooms.

This understanding is the foundation for our principal preparation program that UW Bothell offers in partnership with a number of regional school districts, the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, and the UW Center for Educational Leadership.

With new thinking about how to coordinate teachers’ on-the-job learning and university preparation, the program supports teacher instructional leaders and helps them document their learning so that it contributes to requirements for both the Master of Education degree and the Residency Administrator (Principal-Certification).

Why Choose Educational Leadership at UW Bothell?



The LEDE program tuition is one of the most affordable programs in the region.  Candidates will pay between $17,500 and $21,500 depending on prior instructional leadership experience.

Schedule Designed for Working Teachers 

The LEDE Program is a hybrid of online / weekend seminars. Candidates meet one Saturday per month on the UW Bothell Campus. 

90% Alumni Placement Rate 

Most LEDE graduates are serving in administrative roles, with the majority working in both principal and assistant principal roles in regional school districts.


Who Is Eligible?

LEDE welcomes applications from educators with the following:


  • A Washington State Professional or Continuing Teacher Certificate
  • Minimum of three years of teaching experience (at the time of application)
  • Teacher instructional leadership experience:
    - Formal experience as a teacher leader who has worked outside of the  classroom supporting instructional practice (Examples may include: Teachers on Special Assignment; Instructional Coaches; Content Consultants; New Teacher Mentors), or
    - Well-documented informal teacher instructional leadership responsibilities*
  • District and/or School level support and endorsement of your leadership as evidenced in recommendations or formal endorsement
*If your leadership roles have been more informal than formal, you may have the opportunity to begin with an early start cohort in the Summer quarter to gain more experience before starting with the autumn cohort.

How is LEDE organized?

LEDE is a two-part program that:
  • Begins as a cohort in Autumn quarter.
  • Balances e-learning, face-to-face seminars, and clinical practice.
  • Meets on Saturdays to allow for a commuter and work-friendly schedule.
  • Meets and exceeds all five state licensure content requirements through a novel curriculum design.
  • Is led by an accomplished university faculty and key educational leaders from the field.
  • Is typically completed in 2 years, with an option to extend Part 1 (Year 1) for up to three years. 


What are the application requirements?

There are several steps in the LEDE program application process:

1. Complete a Supplemental Application to determine pre-requisite formal instructional leadership experience.

  • The Supplemental Application form will document prior and current formal instructional leadership experience, which is a pre-requisite for entering the LEDE program in Autumn quarter. 

2. Submit a formal application for admission after review of Supplemental Application.

  • Formal application is submitted through the UW Graduate school.
  • Required documents include: resume, personal statement, 3 letters of recommendation (including one from your building principal supporting your intnernship), copies of transcripts and your teaching certificate.  

3. Formal application deadline is June 1st. 


See application page for complete details. LINK