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Engaging Northshore School District educators in the powerful work of leading equity-driven instruction. NSF-Badge-(1).jpg


In partnership with Northshore School District and the Northshore Schools Foundation, the UWB School of Educational Studies is pleased to offer the Equity Academies for Educator Leadership.  These academies are designed for NSD educators seeking to effectively lead instruction and support student success nsdLogoBlue-250x189-(2).jpgthrough an equity-focused lens.  

The Equity Academies will guide educators to:

  • Reflect on and connect critical intersectionalities in educational equity.
  • Build and enhance collaboration for instructional equity at a building-level.
  • Prepare to inform and lead broader, district-wide efforts to increase instruction that best reflects the diverse needs of all students.
  • Create opportunities to engage the district's youth and community voices. 

The Equity Academies were developed in alignment with Northshore School District’s Strategic Plan and Equity Inventory, as well as the UW Bothell LEDE (Leadership Development for Educators) educational leadership program framework. A series of once-monthly modules will be led by LEDE faculty, all experienced practitioners in K12 education and leadership, as well as a Northshore School District Community Scholar to further synthesize the district’s mission and vision with the content.

Academy Structure

Participants will engage with peers, guiding practitioners, and school leaders in a series of monthly seminars. Each academy has four modules: an organizing module and three subsequent modules.  The curriculum is designed to address and leverage identified components of the Four Building Blocks of instructional effectiveness, outlined in NSD’s Strategic Plan.  

NOTE: The framing of each academy allows for them to be taken in any order, and academy content are complementary across academies.

Academy 1: Educator Leadership for Instructional Equity

This academy is designed for educators committed to building and enhancing collaboration for instructional equity at the building level. Educators will gain insight on the importance of engaging the knowledge and community cultural wealth (Yosso, 2005) of the youth and communities they serve in developing culturally responsive leadership strategies to support and improve instructional equity and leverage educational leadership to support and develop educator agency and instructional innovation.

Anchor Text: Culturally Responsive School Leadership by Muhammad Khalifa (2018).  

Academy 2: Educator Leadership for Curricular and Pedagogical Equity

This academy is intended for educators with aspirations to co-develop classroom and school supports for curricular and pedagogical equity. Educators will critically reflect on existing challenges and opportunities in developing and supporting collaboration for curricular and pedagogical equity rooted in equitable instructional leadership. Participants will consider strategies to align classroom practices through a transformative Ethnic Studies approach. These efforts can assist in more intentionally and effectively supporting educators’ ability to collaborate and lead for curricular and pedagogical equity within their building and across the district.  

Anchor Text:  Transformative Ethnic Studies in Schools By Christine Sleeter and Miguel Zavala (2020)

Academy 3: Educator Leadership for Youth and Community Engagement

This academy is designed for educators committed to building and enhancing collaboration for instructional equity at the community level. Educators will draw upon critical theories of practice to reflect on opportunities for engaging NSD’s most vulnerable youth and communities through participatory action research. Centering youth and community voices and experiential knowledge, participants will co-develop strategies for sustained engagement to support innovative, equitable, and culturally responsive instruction.

Anchor Text: Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaborations with Families and Communities by Ann Ishimaru.  

Organizing Module: The Historical and Philosophical Contexts of Educational Equity: A Primer​

All enrollees participate in this introductory module, which provides the foundation for the three academies being offered. The organizing module is designed to assist educators in making critical historical connections to the contemporary struggle for educational equity across minoritized communities in the United States, for the purpose of situating their work as educators and instructional leaders within that struggle. Participants will engage critical and intersectional theories of practice that will assist them in gaining the conceptual knowledge that informs equitable educator and instructional leadership praxis in the context of their buildings, districts, and communities.

Anchor TextDeculturalization and the Struggle for Equality by Joel Spring (2016)

Note for Prior Fall Particpants

Participants who have completed an academy in the Fall, are welcome to join a different academy during Winter, and will be able to build upon and deepen their knowledge. If you have completed the initial Organizing Module in the Fall, you will not be required to take it again.

Projects developed as a result of your participation in any of the three academies in the Fall may be carried over with continued focus into another Academy during Winter. This will provide Fall academy participants with additional framing for understanding their action research projects, and the specific equity issues they have taken up.


The academies are offered twice per academic year, with module dates as follows. The Organizing Module is scheduled 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  All other Academy Modules meet 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


  • January 9: Organizing Module
  • January 23: Module 1
  • February 6: Module 2
  • March 6: Module 3

Participants may opt to complete two academies within one academic year. 

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sessions will be conducted remotely until State guidance allows for safe, in-person classroom attendance. 


Northshore School District educators interested in completing the the Leadership Equity Academy should contact Tracy Meloy at Northshore School District for registration or additional information. 

Tracy Meloy, Chief Leadership and Strategy Officer


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