LEDE Program Tuition and Financial Aid Information

Tuition Information

The LEDE program is structured to provide the most cost-effective disbursement of tuition charges for the student. As such, students should note that some quarters of the LEDE program have enrolled credits less than the minimum required by many financial aid loan lenders to meet attendance requirements, which may impact a student’s loan repayment. Students should contact their financial aid officer or loan lender directly and plan their financial needs accordingly.  

Please see below for approximate tuition costs per quarter.

Credit and Tuition Overview

Tuition rates in chart based upon 2019-2020 UW Tuition Rate Schedule and subject to change. 

Year 1 / Part 1

QuarterCourseApproximate Tuition *Notes
Summer  (Early Start)LEDE 520 (2 cr)*$1,649Summer Quarter Early Start required for those applicants not meeting pre-requisite instructional leadership experience.
AutumnLEDE 510 (6 cr)*
LEDE 520 (6 cr)*
$5,769Up to 6 transfer credits may be applied to Autumn Quarter of Part 1.
WinterN/A-On Leave
(0 cr)
$25 on-leave fee$25 on-leave fee; No enrolled credits; candidates meet twice and continue performance task work within internships;
SpringLEDE 510 (2 cr)*$1,649*Required only if pre-requisite instructional leadership experience not met prior to application.

Year 2 /Part 2

QuarterCourseApproximate Tuition *Notes
AutumnLEDE 530 (4 cr)
LEDE 540 (4 cr)
LEDE 550 (4 cr)
$5,769Full-time tuition
WinterLEDE 530 (4 cr)
LEDE 540 (4 cr)
LEDE 550 (2 cr)
$5769Full-time tuition
SpringLEDE 550 (2)$1,649Graduating quarter
Total Program Credits: 36-40Total Program Tuition: $18,956 – $22,254

*Prerequisite evaluation determined upon submission of the Supplemental Application and review by LEDE faculty. Candidates should have at least 1 year of release time for instructional leadership for direct admission into Autumn Quarter.  

*Transfer credits are requested by the student, reviewed by LEDE faculty, and if applicable to program, petitioned to the UW Graduate School for approval. Final approval is at the discretion of the UW Graduate School. Transfer credits must be requested by the student prior to Autumn Quarter, Year 1.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

Helpful resources can be found here:  Funding Resources for M.Ed. Students

Students seeking financial support for their degree, including a link to the FAFSA, can find valuable information on the UW Bothell Financial Aid & Scholarship webpage. 

Occasionally, the UW Bothell School of Educational Studies is able to offer competive admissions and continuing student merit fund scholarships. Availability of funds is subject to change each year.  Merit Fund Scholarship announcements will be emailed to admitted students.