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Sue Ambler - M.Ed. '97, was a featured panelist as part of UW Bothell Career Week 2011. The Education Program hosted a panel for current education students, alumni, and professionals who want to look beyond the classroom for opportunities in the field of Education. Ms. Ambler's presentation, "The Power of Mentoring," described knowledge and relationship based mentoring. Whether the mentor experience is face to face or Facebook, Ms. Ambler attributes her success to those who have mentored her, those she has mentored and looks forward to the future mentors in her life. Read more about Ms. Ambler here.

Karen Edwards - UW  '03, K-8 TCert '04. "This is my 3rd year at Tacoma Baptist and my 6th year teaching technology classes such as Computers and Applications and Digital Photography. I've done tech support and taught technology in grades 1-12 and am now working with Junior and Senior High students. I love it!"

Christina Grove - K-8 TCert. I am now a Paraeducator for Mukilteo School District and work within the Special Education program and with Preschoolers. I was recently accepted into UWB's M.Ed. program and start this quarter.

Karie Harris - Extended Cohort 8. Karie teaches K-12 music at Skykomish School, Skykomish, WA. She is also a Middle School Basketball Coach, ASB Advisor, Senior Class Advisor, Sophomore Navigation 101 Advisor, PBIS Team Member (Positive Behavior Support), Student Study Team Member, and PTSO Member

Jill Koyama, a 1999 graduate of the UW Bothell's M.Ed. program, has published her second book: "Making Failure Pay: For-Profit Tutoring, High-Stakes Testing, and Public Schools." Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010. Jill received her PhD from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2008. She is an assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo.

Steve Malmstead - K-8 TCert/1999. I taught 4th grade in the Mukilteo School District before moving to the Marysville District where I taught 4th and 5th grade. I returned to UW Bothell and received my M.Ed. in 2004. While in Marysville, my students were involved in science and stream restoration projects at nearby Jones Creek. Over the course of many years, students continued to restore habitat, learn science, determine direction of the project, as well as write grants to keep the project moving "downstream". Through their efforts, the district  developed an EE program that currently serves every fifth-grade student in our district with onsite science lessons and professional development opportunities for teachers.

Keri Marino -M.Ed., Secondary Cohort 9, (current UW Ph.D. candidate) had an article published in Mathematics Teachers: "Mathematics Journals Made Manageable: Using Blogs and RSS Feeds," Keri J. Marino and Robin L. Angotti, February 2011, Volume 104, Issue 6, Page 466.

Karen Ollerenshaw - Cohort 11. "One of the joys I have had the past three years is hosting fantastic UWB dyad students for the autumn quarter.  The dyads bring such enthusiasm to our 5th grade classroom, share fresh ideas, and also offer the chance for me to reflect upon my own teaching practices.  If given the opportunity, I heartily encourage UWB alumni to be willing to open their classrooms to pre-service teachers.  It's a great experience!"

Casey O'Roarty, M.Ed - I have found my calling. It was my great pleasure to be a part of the 3rd Cohort of students to go through the UW Bothell Teacher Certification program. The program was both inspiring and empowering and led me to carry on the work and earn my M.Ed. in 2004. I spent 5 years in the classroom at a rural, 3 room school where I built relationships with my students and their families and grew as a teacher and a person.  After having my own kids I moved into a career of working with parents. I have been teaching Parenting with Positive Discipline, a program founded by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, for the last 5 years. Recently, I  received my advanced certificate from the Positive Discipline Association, and am now a Positive Discipline Trainer, working with future parent educators and classroom teachers. I recently started my own company, Joyful Courage, whose mission is to help grown ups create space for young people to be their best selves.  It is deeply gratifying work. I credit my time in the Education Program at UW Bothell for sparking my desire to do my part in making the world a better place.

John Parker is in his second year of teaching sixth grade math and science at Whitman Middle School in Seattle.  John runs an afterschool rock band program which gives kids the opportunity to form bands and make music.

Carrie Reckling Folkman - K-8 TCert/Cohort 6, M.Ed., 2006. I currently teach Spanish and Language Arts at Beaver Lake Middle School in Issaquah. At Bellevue College, I am Adjunct Instructor and teach Spanish classes in the evenings. I am a National Board Certified Teacher in Spanish. I certified in 2008 after beginning the process as part of my work at UW Bothell. I have two kids, and I work a partial contract so I am a teacher in the morning and a Mom the rest of the day.

Melissa Sinclair - M.Ed., 2010, had her graduate culminating project work approved for presentation at a national conference called Academic Mobility: Perspectives on the Future of Transfer, January 31, 2011, in New Orleans. This conference is sponsored by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Melissa's presentation, "Creating Seamless Transitions to Universities: Community College Staff and Faculty Perspectives" explores the transfer process from the perspective of community college personnel. Through description and analysis of this unique perspective, essential themes emerge that suggest ways to promote transfer student success by understanding the factors that assist or hinder community college students in the transfer process. Melissa currently is an Admissions Advisor and Recruitment Coordinator at UW Bothell.

Maddie Smith - Cohort 12. Maddie teaches first grade at Kenmore Elementary.

Bob Warren - Cohort 10. "I have found that my most successful substitute teaching assignments are usually in Special Education classrooms. I have now begun working on my Special Education teaching endorsement at Seattle University."



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