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Meet Your SES Advisors

SES Academic Advisors

Advisors in the School of Educational Studies (SES) are eager to support you. We provide undergraduate, and graduate students with guidance on academic planning, SES and UW policies, student support resources, extracurricular opportunities, preparation for graduation, and more.

Advisor email guidelines

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. In the subject line include your name and your program / program of interest
    EX:  Subject: "Albert Einstein, Elementary Education Post-Baccalaureate Program"
  2. Include your UW student number (if any) in the body
  3. Brief, specific message describing your issue or question.
  4. Tell us which advisor in our school (if any) you have met with before.

Questions about who to contact?

If you are unsure of which advisor to see, email with the information under the "advisor email guidelines" heading or visit our office in UW1-311.


  • Office hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. 
  • Call our front desk 425-352-5411
  • If your call is not answered right away, please leave a voicemail with the information under the "advisor email guidelines" heading and your email address.

Undergraduate Advising

head shot of an academic adviserAmy Couto

Academic Advisor - BA and Post-Baccalaureate
Amy advises UW Bothell undergraduate students in the BA Educational Studies program, students in or interested in our Education Minors, and UW Bothell students interested in joining or currently enrolled in our Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification Post-Baccalaureate Program.


Schedule with Amy


Headshot of Cristal Rangel PenaCristal Rangel Peña

Academic Advisor - Elementary Education Option
Cristal advises UW Bothell undergraduate students interested in joining or currently enrolled in our Elementary Education Option Teacher Certification Program, as well as students enrolled in the Elementary Education Teacher Certification Post-Baccalaureate Program


Schedule with Cristal 

Please note: undergraduate students who have recently submitted their enrollment confirmations should attend first-year or transfer orientation before scheduling an advising appointment with advisors.


Transfer & Post-Baccalaureate Admissions Advising

head shot of an academic adviserKarina Rodriguez

Transfer Advisor & Recruiter
Karina works in the Admissions Office to advises prospective students interested in transferring to UW Bothell and majoring in Educational Studies. In addition, she advises prospective students interested in our Elementary Education Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification program and the Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification.

Please contact Karina for info about the UW Bothell application and transfer processes.


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Graduate Advising

head shot of an academic adviserMichele Graaff

Academic Advisor - Graduate Programs
Michele advises current and prospective students interested in our Master of Education (M.Ed.) program, Leadership Development for Educators (LEDE) program, and our Expanding Capacity for Special Education Leadership (ECSEL) program.

Email Michele to schedule:

head shot of an academic adviserMarisa DuBois

Director of Academic Services
Marisa supervises the undergraduate and graduate advising team and can answer questions regarding all SES programs.